Roll Up Custom Field - Portfolios

New Feature!

When I went to add a custom field to my portfolio this afternoon - I came across a new option for ‘Roll Up’!

Any number field inside your project - including actual hours or cost for example can now be used to roll up to the portfolio level :rocket:

So therefore if your tasks in your project have hours associated - Asana will now add them up and total them for you at the portfolio level automatically. (Providing you have added this number field to your library.)

So much love for this feature - if you don’t have it yet - keep your eye out for it soon!

Many Thanks,
Danni @ GenD :metal:


Here’s the announcement for this feature, released a couple weeks ago:


Is there anyway to add a filter to a roll up field (for example I want all the estimated times for task for a project rolled up, but want it to filter out estimates in the roll up that have a value of ‘not approved’ for my custom field ‘work approved’

Hi @Michelle_Wroblewski welcome to the forum. There isn’t a way with the roll up fields but you can do it in the Dashboard by using the filters.

Hi Larry

Just to ensure I understand this correctly, the roll up custom field in the project portfolio will add up all cost fields in a projects tasks?

As long as the cost field is set to global in project.

So if I have three tasks in a project each with a cost field of $500, the roll up custom field in the portfolio should show $1500?

Many thanks


Yes, I believe all that’s correct, @LexJ!