Update custom field in portfolio

Hi everybody! Is there any trick to update custom field in portfolio with the same custom field in project (for example the last written at project level).
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I am not sure I understand. A project will contain fields applying to task. And a project can have fields at the project level if they are added to portfolios. Can you clarify which fields you are talking about?


Hi Bastien, some of my task are kpi vaues, for example:
kpi (date month 1 )>>> value 10
kpi (month 2)>>> value 30
kpi (month 3) >>> to be written next month

The last value is VALUE 30
I want that the last kpi (value 30) will be written in filed KPI at project level (in portfolio).
Thank you!

“kpi” fields are on tasks? and all tasks have a specific value? you want the sum of kpis written at the project level?

Just 4 task with value that we record one time a month.
The last must be seen in portfolio in the row of the project.
thx again and CIAO!

If you use a rollup field at the portfolio level does it work?

mmm… and where can I learn about it? thx a lot!!!

Here you go Roll Up Custom Field - Portfolios

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Hi Bastien

Just to ensure I understand this correctly, the roll up custom field in the project portfolio will add up all cost fields in the projects tasks?

As long as the cost field is set to global.

So if I have three tasks in a project each with a cost field of $500, the roll up custom field in the portfolio should show $1500?

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