Project task progress

The ‘Task Progress’ bar on a project shows the completed task on a recurring task as well as the new task it created. For example, I have a task that reoccurs daily, the ‘Task Progress’ bar is counting every previously completed task towards the progress therefore inflating the progress. Is there a way around this?


To clarify for others, you’re asking about the Portfolio’s column “Task progress.”

The only way to influence that would be to move (manually or with a rule) completed tasks to another project if that would make the progress chart/calculation more meaningful for you.

Many of us prefer in many cases to default that column to “Milestones” instead because you can track a project’s progress by more meaningful accomplishments, and because all tasks are not created equal so task progress may not be so meaningful a statistic.



Hi Larry

Yes, that is what I am talking about.

Unless you can delay the rule (ie 24 hours after marked as complete move to) you would still have the same issue as it wouldn’t count for the completed task towards the progress.

Milestones don’t really make sense for how we are trying to use Asana, perhaps we are using Asana incorrectly. We are an Accounting firm and we have a growing number of clients who we do a lot of bookkeeping work for. In order to stay on top of all the tasks I have added each client as a project and set up repeating tasks under each. It would be nice to see at a glance how far along we are on the task due that day.

Let me know if there is a better way to do this




I think I’d need to understand in more detail the nature of the tasks, how frequently they’re done, and the options you have to track (perhaps other than just percent of all tasks complete).

Perhaps a solution lies in 1) a good starred advanced search report, sorted by project, or 2) use of multi-homing with rules to a master project in a different fashion than what I mentioned.



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