Task completion over ... chart

The chart “Tasks completion over …” shows you the number of completed and incomplete tasks at the begining, at the end, and over the chosen period of time. In my case there are many projects that have mostly recurring tasks, and the number of tasks completed compared to tasks to be done is enormous. I can hardly see that at the beginig of the month I had 588 tasks completed vs 12 incomple and at the end of month 600 completed vs 14 to be done. Hence the chart is not very useful.

I wonder if this could work that way, that I would be shown the number of task completed during the chosen period of time (not since the beginig of the project), and the number of incomplete tasks. Such a view would more less tell me what is, say, tasks turnover. It would be easier to see a difference when the chart shows that it took me a month to complete 12 tasks, and there is 14 to be done compared to what it is now (hundreds done, several incomplete).


Hi @Przemek

Sounds like what you need is a Cumulative Flow Diagram that allows you to see progress at any point in history. Such a chart is not available in Asana out-of-the-box and you’ll need an add-on such as Analytics & Reports by Screenful. Here’s an example chart:

The green color corresponds to the completed work. You can see how it trends upwards meaning that work is getting completed. The brown area corresponds to the tasks not started, and the yellow area to the tasks currently in progress.

It works as you describe so that the completed items are included only from the selected time period. You can hover the mouse at any point in history to see the counts for that specific point in history.

You can learn more about this add-on, or start a free trial to give it a try with your own data.

Hi @SamiLinnanvuo

Could you show me an example for the shorter period of time?
How would the above look like if you have chosen only 1 month?

I’d try to explain myself better. I’m looking for a chart that would show the number of tasks completed over last month (not the numer of tasks with status completed at the begining of last month and the number of them at the end of month, but the difference between them) and the numer of tasks that are incomplet, with possibility to filter, for instance, only due next month.
Here is how I imagine that: