New in Screenful for Asana: Stacked area and cumulative flow charts, custom branding, and dark mode...

This fall, we’ve introduced many highly requested improvements to our custom charts and scheduled reports. We’ve added two new charts to the growing library of our custom charts and made several improvements to the existing ones. These improvements are primarily based on the feedback we’ve got from our users, and we’d like to thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. Please keep them coming :muscle:

Stacked Area Chart

We’ve had Stacked Area charts in our dashboards for a while already, but now you can also create them as custom charts. They are great for visualizing trends of multiple grouped metrics such as task completions or cycle times per assignee, label, or any of your custom fields. Here’s an example chart:

Cumulative Flow Diagram

The Cumulative Flow Diagram shows the amount of work in different stages of your workflow during the lifetime of your selected work scope. It allows seeing if work is piling up or causing bottlenecks. Here’s an example chart:

The Cumulative Flow Diagram allows teams to visualize their effort and project progress and see if work is piling up or causing bottlenecks. It is an essential tool for assessing the health of a Kanban process.

Even more awesome features

We’ve also added a handful of other new and exciting things to make the life of Asana users easier:

  • See the whole journey of a task in the Task List chart
  • Dark mode in custom charts
  • New scheduling options
  • Customize reports with your logo
  • Improved columns support in the PDF export

You can read more about them in our roadmap.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you would like us to release next :blue_heart:


Thanks for sharing, @Vova_Kenih! :slight_smile:

Looks like the screensful team is hard at work!