Creating a stacked bar chart in Asana

I am struggling hard here. So I have a client who I am trying to create a stacked bar chart for in Asana Reporting. Essentially, she wants to track and compare “Total Cost” (custom field) for her rolled up Portfolios by month. So the x-axis would be months, y-axis total cost, and the bar would be stacked with her various portfolios. But for some reason I can’t figure out how to stack it. Is this even possible? Here is a screen shot of what I currently have.


Stacked bar chart is not a chart type in Asana (yet?). You should move your request in the Product Feedback category.

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Then how come in this Asana video it shows stacked and multi-line charts. Is there some other place you can create these types of charts using Asana data?

See approx. minute 15:40…

@Viva_Automated, That video shows “new and upcoming” functionality:


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Is this feature available yet? We have bunch of use cases for these kind of charts in Asana.

@Anup_Kumar_Ray not yet available.

Is there an ETA for the stacked bar shown in video? It would make reporting dashboards a lot more useful instead of several line graphs you have to eyeball

Heads up on this topic.
Would be so useful in everyday reporting