Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Going through the same. Their site pricing is misleading and frustrating.

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So we are paying to beta test? How does this make sense? This also doesnt help teams of 1.


Yes, please guys.

I’m sure it would be very interesting for Freelancers, who would benefit from having, let’s say, a ‘Business’ solo plan to get feedback from clients occasionally through the Proofing feature, etc, but at the same don’t need a 3 or 2 seat-plan. Even the ‘Workload’ feature might be excellent for single users to track their time. (As mentioned previously in this thread, let the user make the call it’s going to be worth it and not being filtered out just because he’s not part of a team)

I am certain there’s a business strategy involved on this which is more guided towards bigger companies, and I really wished you could be more transparent and put yourselves in the user/freelancer side seeing how this could be useful.

Unfortunately, the idea I get at the moment is that Asana stakeholders might be saying: “we don’t want a lot of small guys asking for support and flooding our platform. We rather have bigger companies who are willing to invest more money into the platform”. I get this and even understand if this is the case, but really, would you really believe having professionals, mainly from the tech industry, using your platform individually would be that bad to the point you should cut either offer it for free or nothing?

Whenever inviting users to vote on features in the community forum and seeing that second most voted feature (574 votes now) is now almost 3 years old and still not has given proper attention or at least a transparent answer is quite surprising and make us think: Is it worth voting or suggesting new features at all? Are you really listening to what most users want?

Anyway guys, just some honest feedback which I think you could review.


Hey thanks for the heads up !
Crazy how Asana Co isn’t paying attention or clarifying their position on this.

Add me to the 3 year list of people begging. Reading through this thread reminds me of how Adobe “listens” to their customers. I suppose it works when you have a monopoly on the product, but it sure seems like there are improving alternatives nipping at your heals, Asana. I am a solopreneur by choice this time around. I do talk to myself quite often so could manage 2 seats, if needed.

Oh well just spent some time migrating to ClickUp and I’m 100% sold : very solid and promising platform !
Free account is great and first paid one is at 5$ for 1 person :slight_smile:


I would also live a solo plan for the “Business” tier. I currently work as an independent consultant and have been using Asana for many years. I would love to be able to keep track all of my projects by different portfolios based on my clients or a portfolio of projects for the month I am in.

I think this is a great opportunity for Asana to not only get more users, but also a way to generate more revenue!

Hi Christopher,
I’ve checked out ClickUp and found it as a really great replacement for Asana.

As from my research ClickUp covers everything Asana can do and adds even more features.
So if your the only concern is Asana’s pricing you can easily move to ClickUp and pay $5 per single person (which is one sit) vs $27 for Asana Premium (includes 2 sits). You will get everything in Asana Premium and a lot of things from Asana Business.

I recently purchased Asana Premium 2 sits for myself but I was lucky to discover ClickUp so I already moved there.
ClickUp’s “Import from Asana” works really great.

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Asana, how many “solo” free trials do you have? How many do you think would convert to $10 per month? Easy money in today’s uncertain environment. Here’s my $10… oh, wait…

Signed up for free trial at ClickUp. I’d love to stay with Asana. But… I’m not paying $40+ per month for myself.

I just started my Free solo account and would like to upgrade to Premium to use the custom task templates feature. But Asana won’t allow me to only stay as 1 user. Therefore, I will not upgrade, I will look elsewhere for a more ethical business approach.

Hey @Adam_Friedman I had same problem and bought Asana Premium for 2 seats (even though I needed only one). Recently, someone mentioned ClickUp in this feed and I tried it and it worked well for me. It covered everything in Asana and much more with their Unlimited plan which you can by only for one person ($5)

I mean that minimum number of seats is 1 so that you can buy a plan only for yourself without paying for additional seats that you don’t need.

i cannot understand, why make a 2 users license and not making a single user license? Why do I need to pay for 2 seats when there is only a single user?