Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I would like to be able to purchase 1 seat monthly Premium plan. I don’t understand why you would ask to pay double for a seat I don’t need. I found other topics similar and have been closed.


Hi @Rob_Meireles, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us.

We have recently introduced a premium and business option for teams of 2, 3, and 4 people and we shared an updated in the main thread:

We’ll make sure to keep you updated if we have any updates in the future!


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I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that there seem to be many users (at least according to what I’ve found in the Community Forum) that would love to be able to get Premium for single users. Myself included.

Since all the topics related to this idea have been closed, I apologize for having to post about this again. (I’d vote otherwise).

Asana - please consider making a single-user Premium subscription available!


I would second this. Especially for PhD candidates who use need to keep track of various projects!



Yes it does not exist indeed. There is an existing topic Please make a Premium Solo Plan with a lot of votes. It was closed because Asana knows there is a huge demand, they just decided not to do anything yet.


Well, thanks for the feedback. Not much we can do there, unfortunately…

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Currently, as a solo entrepreneur, if I want the Premium plan, (which was offered to me, at the end of the trial period), I have to pay for a minimum of 2 seats. Yet, I am one person.

Why cant Asana enable solo Entrepreneurs to pay a 1 seat price for Premium Plan and not the 2 seat price?

Please consider that businesses grow. One day I hope to have a team. But if you don’t look after me when I am just me, I will look at other options for this sort of system.



There was already a thread Please make a Premium Solo Plan that was closed by Asana. They won’t allow this for now, sorry.

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Dear Asana,

Please, for the love of all that is holy, offer a single seat subscription or I am going to lose my mind :slight_smile:


The thousands of Freelancers who have been faithfully converting clients to asana for years.

p.s. you are welcome.


Before this gets merged with another similar topic and closed because single users are probably not in Asana’s best interest, I’d just like to say I love asana, but I can’t achieve what I am looking for from the app without having to pay for 2 seats.

The decision may look good on paper, but just know that its a really bad experience for the little guys.



I believe Asana hears you but decided not to create a single plan yet. And yes they will merge your message in the main thread :grimacing:

I am actively working on a solution, and hope to be able to offer a solution to you in a few weeks…


I was pretty excited to purchase the premium upgrade once my free trial expired only to discover I had to buy 2 seats at once :confused:

Pandemic has forced the freelance community to improve their selling skills and I kinda glad to state that we’re doing better, not 2-seat better but we’re all willing to pay a bit more for a single seat plan that helps us manage all our data. With platforms like TikTok we’re reaching a high volume of connections and this is making possible for one person to reach the need of using Asana for everyday organization as it becomes overwhelming pretty fast.

I believe there’s a huge business opportunity here and if you were willing to help us I’m quite sure you’d crush your competitors as I know no better Asana alternative, yet this problem forces me to look for one :melting_face:


I’m truly upset after falling in love with the Premium trial that I can’t purchase just 1 Seat. I’m a solo entrepreneur at the moment who still needs a task and organization system. I’d be happy to pay more than the per seat amount for just having 1(like $15-20). I feel it’s a bit unfair and costly to purchase 2 seats when I’m only utilizing one.

Eventually, my team will grow and of course I’d like to stick to what I’ve already been using solo. I don’t want to have to rework my system when I do add another team member to my business. I’d like it to be as seamless as possible.

Please consider this improvement.

If I remember correctly a while back you had to purchase 5 seats minimum. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I found out you only needed 2 seats for premium now. I’m also solo (with plans to add people) and just bit the bullet and purchased for 2 seats. I still find the value well worth it.

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