Please make a Premium Solo Plan

I’m unfortunately transitioning away from Asana due to this limitation, it’s so strange that you haven’t enabled this - we aren’t asking for new feature sets, but simply to avoid paying for users we don’t even have. Based on the prevalence of “solopreneurs” you are missing a huge category of users that would likely grow into larger customers in the future. Not sure what you are testing here, but again, we aren’t asking for a different variation of your product just the ability to pay for your premium features.

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I’m adding to the hundreds of requests here hoping Asana will eventually act on this and provide what this thread proves is a much needed service. As a solopreneur, it makes no sense for myself or anyone else to pay for 2 “seats”. As a business owner, it’s difficult to understand why Asana is leaving so much on the table (please take my money for a single seat!!) and it’s even more discouraging to see this option has been requested going on three years now. I was excited to transition to Asana from my previous project manager, however, now very disappointed to learn I may never be able to use premium features without paying for a team I do not have.


Hi Gabriel, why not start with one? I want to shift from Basecamp to Asana but I am not happy that I need to choose more seats than only myselves

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Marie, can you please push for a timeline on this decision and get back to us asap?

I was furious to discover the limitation on seat plans: We’re a team of six and have invested heavily in moving over to Asana. If we’d known in advance, we would definitely have decided differently but your pricing page is very misleading (to put it mildly):

We need to change the number of people in our team. How will that work?
You’ll be able to add or remove teammates at any time […]

We will not pay for 10 seats on a business plan indefinitely while you to make up your minds. If the limitation is not changed soon we will move elsewhere like



I’ve been waiting on a decission to be made on this topic for a year soon, I will move somewhere else soon if a decission is not made within the next couple of month, starting to get really tierd of how long time it should take for Asana to just give a clear answer.


I mean just look at the timeline to the right, jesus.

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@Marie I noticed that the 2 user plan charges at £11.99. Would you consider lowering this to the small team discount Asana offers? Also would you consider a single seat plan?

I have the 2 seat option but it’s still too expensive!

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@Adam_Creed Exactly what I pointed out 3 weeks ago and got no response from Asana’s Staff.

@Marie or anyone else from the team, can you answer that question? Is there a HIDDEN price change incoming? Even the same tiers have higher costs.

It seems like it costs you YEARS to listen to the community (the ones who will essentially pay you) and you don’t care about them, and when you make it look like you care and start moving the feature you backstab with a price bump without even saying a word. I don’t believe it’s fair play for any of the people that love and use Asana on a frequent basis. It just makes them want to go somewhere else. It’s not just about the costs, it’s about the service and common sense.

Not pretending to offend anyone, but this thread is full of tired people waiting for your move, and then there’s this. If you “accidentally” (because you said you can’t toggle it) it suddenly costs 240€ more without doing ANYTHING at all. Just because you’re “beta-testing” on users. That’s not beta-testing features, that’s testing if they are willing to pay more for the same.

I hope at least someone can read this and notice what’s really happening, or correct that mistake that your website is advertising: smaller teams of 15 get discount, and you’re actually not doing it. It looks like FALSE ADVERTISING to me. If I check my account I still have it, but my pal’s account doesn’t, and he has the new “beta”. We both registered at the same time. Also, you’ve recently removed it from the website. You were supporting small teams of less than to people with discounts, and now you support smaller teams but making it more expensive. That’s not being transparent, the least.


PS: Got answers from chat. They say they might’ve told the pricing “bump” but that the email might’ve not told that the “small team discount” wasn’t available anymore. Still, some users have the discount by today and some don’t. I believe it’s not fair that random beta-testing should change what people pay for. Before the beta-testing he had the same pricings. Changes were supposed to be happening on September. Everything is weird and not really on par with what I would expect.

Using Asana has had a positive affect on my mental health, so I started using it at home. There are so many things I’d like to use premium features for and it would be brilliant if I could just pay for 1 seat.


I think it’s not viable for Asana to provide solo price option.
With Premium features Asana can really compete with most of CRMs. And there aren’t many good CRMs for $10 a month.
I see that Asana is trying different price options for teams under 5 people. And pricing for 2 people $22/month (even if used for 1 person) is pretty competitive comparing to CRM prices ( ~$25/person )

But that would be definitely great if they allow to pay just for one user to get Premium features!

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How do you come to that conclusion?

First of all Asana is not a CRM and the 2 person plan is in beta.


What is the difference between Asana and CRM?
You can do in Asana everything except:

  • sending emails
  • tracking emails
  • making calls

But you also get:

  • perfect project management tool
  • beautiful UI
  • constant development of new features

Also check these articles on how to setup asana for CRM

I agree that Asana is not a CRM but you can adjust it so you can use it as CRM:

  • have pipelines
  • manage leads, opportunities, contacts, organizations
  • get some basic relations
  • keep notes and materials related to your contact
    Personally I use Insightly as CRM. I might not be a heavy CRM user that’s why I mostly use their leads/opportunities/organizations/pipelines filters and notes. I can have pretty similar setup in Asana. Even now I sync tasks from Insightly to Asana.
    Though I use Insightly for free I am pretty close to their limits so I will need to buy their plan soon which is $29/month. Asana would cost me now $22/month.

I am just telling that it’s not hard to add new option to the pricing page. They don’t do that to avoid undervaluing themselves, because they provide reasonable value compared to competition.

(I didn’t know that new plan option is in beta now)

Same here, I got ADD and Asana is for great help for me to organize my life and get sh*t done. But I also use it as a freelancer. (The free plan that is).

Every since thay launched the “dependency task feature” I have REALLY wanted it, because it would help me see which task should be done first. This is litterly the only feature in the premium plan that I want (and really, really, really, want).

For years I’ve been willing to pay for this, but Asana hasn’t offered me an option! Like do you want my money or not? It really is that simple.

I probably would pay for a 2-seat plan even though I only need one. But still, you really should offer a solo plan? Is there any argument why you shouldn’t? Like what would you loose on it? I really don’t think that anyone that right now pays for 5-seats in reallity only needs one. So what do you have to lose? This is so frustrating.


If you are not willing to offer a solo plan, atleast explain why you can’t. That might go a long way.


This is also the most requested feature, so I think that you really should listen.


Why not offer individual pricing for one seat? You’re literally forcing me to go to WRIKE just because your pricing is backwards.

Hell, I’d pay the 10.99 price plus an extra price for each additional user for the premium price but not for 3 when I only need one or two the most. Not sure why this isnt an option not to mention it being misleading. Doesn’t tell you you’re required to buy 3 licenses at a minimum for a few extra features that are needed.

Way to alienate your current customers.

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You can purchase Wrike Pro plan for 5 users minimum, so Asana would be a better choice in this case. Right now if they included you in a beta pricing program you can purchase Asana Premium for 2 users min.

You’re right. Wrike is worse. They force you to pay premium just to use a calendar. Didn’t bother

GanttPro actually works for the price of 1 seat at $15. I’d even pay this for one user for assana if they offered it. Still cheaper than buying extra seats.

I understand it may not be “viable” for assana but dont you think the viability should be decided by the actual users requesting this?

Assana is also listed as a PM software and not a CRM. Pretty sure if you did a poll you’ll find that most of your users use it for what you advertise it for.

With that said, either way you can up-charge a license over 15 per user to compete with CRM but less than the price of two for $22. How is that not viable?

This is frustrating for the simple fact that I want to pay for the paid version but you simply arent letting me.


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