Outlook desktop addin down?


Hi @justin.christie,

Our team just came back to me and would need to you to confirm the following information:

Again, my apologies for the trouble and inconvenience; we appreciate your patience and look forward to your reply.


Hi Marie,. OWA does not install the asana add in, it fails at the install stage, the ‘continue’ button does not do anything.

Security settings cannot be changed - they are unchanged from before when everything worked properly.

Wrike / giphy / find time add ins work fine.

the asana add in has actually just vanished from the bar now.


add in back but still not working


Thanks @justin.christie! I’ve just pinged the bug to see how we can resolve this efficiently, I’m aware this has been going on for a few days and that it’s having an impact on your team. I’ll be in touch as soon as possible with some next steps.

Again, sincere apologies for the trouble, and thank you so much for your patience and reactivity!


OK, so on a totally different machine on a totally different network I managed to get the add in to run on OWA.

We may be blocking the add in… .


Thanks for the update @justin.christie; our team just confirmed.

Our Outlook is hosted at https://outlook.asana.plus, so I’d recommend to check with your IT department if they are blocking this domain!