Outlook desktop addin down?

The outlook integration appears to be down at your end. Is there an expected fix time? This has become very useful over the last couple of months and we are missing it now it is down. we just get unable to connect when we try to load the add in.


Hi @justin.christie and thanks for the report.

Could you confirm if this is happening with the web or desktop Outlook app?

It would also be super useful if you could share a screenshot of what you’re seeing (please make sure to include your entire browser window).

Looking forward to your reply Justin :wink:

Hi Marie,

It’s happening with the desktop app – screenshot here

Thanks for the quick follow up @justin.christie. May I ask you which version of the Outlook app you’re currently using?

Also, could you please try to uninstall and reinstall the add in and let us know if the issue persists?

Many thanks for your help and cooperation!

Np – it’s version 1803.

The issue is company wide.

There is no clear way to uninstall the add on. Only toggle it off and on


Thanks for the additional information Justin; I’ve gone ahead and escalated the issue to our development team; I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end.

Here are the steps to manage addins in Outlook: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/view-manage-and-install-add-ins-in-office-programs-16278816-1948-4028-91e5-76dca5380f8d, if you could try to uninstall and reinstall the addin and see if it solves the issue, we would be super grateful!

Again, thanks for your help and patience!

Thanks Marie,

Slightly different route from the instructions but I found it in the end.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still get the same error.

Thanks for trying Justin! Waiting for the Team to get back to me; I’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Hi Marie,

Any update today?


Not yet @justin.christie; however, I have good reasons to believe there might be an issue on your end. We haven’t received any other report in the Forum and our Support Team has confirmed, they haven’t heard about this issue either. Since your whole company is affected, I suspect someone might have changed a setting in your Outlook account which could have triggered the issue.

Could you please check with your IT department if any update/modifications were made over the last few days? I haven’t heard of our Team yet, but I’m hoping to hear from them soon, I’ll keep you posted as soon as I do!

HI @justin.christie; additionally to the above could you confirm is you’re able to access the add on from outlook.office.com?

Looking for your reply :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

Yes it is currently working. Thanks for sorting this out.


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Fabulous! Thanks for keeping me posted; moving this thread to the #bugs:resolved-bugs Category :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,

It’s down again…

same issue as before.

So sorry for the trouble @justin.christie. May I ask you to check with your IT department if any modification was made to your Outlook account?

I will also re-escalate the issue on my end, but this info would be super useful to help us investigate.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation, really appreciate it!

No changes – same issue as last time.

Thanks for the quick follow-up. I’ve forwarded the information to our Development Team and will keep you posted here when I have an update or if the team needs further information to investigate.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience Justin!

Hi Marie,

any update?

Not yet, but I’ve requested one; I’ll be in touch as soon as they get back to me!

day 4 - this is really frustrating, and slowing us down badly.