Plug in not loading in outlook sometimes


Hi everyone,

I have successgully been using the asana plug in on outlook desktop but every once and a while, when I click on the asana plug in (create asana task) it brings up the right window pane as it should but stays blank…

I have to leave outlook for a while and eventually (next day) it works again. Is there any reason for this or some sort of tip to the add on that I may not be aware of? Has this occurred for anyone else?


Hi @Laura_P and thanks for reporting this issue. Is what you’re experiencing similar to what this other user is seeing? Outlook desktop addin down?


Hi @Marie - so sorry for the delayed reply. The pop up saying plug in not working doesn’t come up in my case. It’s simply that the side bar that would house the asana stuff is completely blank and won’t load asana down it. Could be related to that problem you tagged me in though! It hasn’t happened for a while now though so will see how we go? thanks so much!


That does sound strange!

Have you already tried to uninstall and reinstall the addin?

If that doesn’t solve you problem, could you provide me with the following information?

  • Screenshot illustrating the issue
  • Version of your Outlook Desktop app
  • Could you also confirm if you are able to use the Asana add-on from (web version)

Thanks for your patience; I look forward to your reply!


HI Marie - this no longer appears to be an issue :slight_smile:


Great news! thanks for keeping me posted @Laura_P!