Outlook Connection


I have added the outlook plug-in which seems to have been correctly installed as the buttons are at the top of the page and certain action works are underlined in blue.

However, when I click ‘create asana task’ or ‘open asana add-in’ a side window opens but it is blank/grey.

What should I do?


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Rebecca_Small and sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

Can you maybe check these steps here

Also have you tried deinstalling and reinstalling snd then logout and in again to refresh.

I deinstalled the plugin but now can’t reinstall. When I go to the microsoft store it says it is added but just seems to take me to a web verison of outlook. It is not showing up as a plugin in my normal outlook but was before I deleted it.

That is strange. And in terms of compatibility as outlined here it should work in your case yes?

If the issue persists, I recommend you to contact the support team so they can investigate the issue further: How to contact our Support Team