Option To Archive Teams



+1 for the ability to archive teams


I agree that achieving projects would be a huge help and a reason to pay for premium.


Is there any update on this? I COMPLETELY agree that an option to archive teams would be extremely helpful and would add tremendously to the organization solutions that Asana is built around!


+1 - a must for agencies


It’s completely short sighted that this feature doesn’t exist. It’s almost becoming a deal breaker for how we use Asana as a creative agency working with many different clients. It’s too convoluted to keep moving things around rather than just archiving a team that might need to be revived at a later point.


+1 for the ability to archive teams


+1 for this feature as well. We’re at 24 teams for our agency and will be adding more. When we made the switch to Asana, we assumed this feature existed because it seems so standard. It will likely reach the point of being unmanageable in the near future and we’re already talking about moving to another system. We love most everything else about Asana and would prefer not to switch. Is there any update on whether this is coming?