Option To Archive Teams



+1 for the ability to archive teams


I agree that achieving projects would be a huge help and a reason to pay for premium.


Is there any update on this? I COMPLETELY agree that an option to archive teams would be extremely helpful and would add tremendously to the organization solutions that Asana is built around!


+1 - a must for agencies


It’s completely short sighted that this feature doesn’t exist. It’s almost becoming a deal breaker for how we use Asana as a creative agency working with many different clients. It’s too convoluted to keep moving things around rather than just archiving a team that might need to be revived at a later point.


+1 for the ability to archive teams


+1 for this feature as well. We’re at 24 teams for our agency and will be adding more. When we made the switch to Asana, we assumed this feature existed because it seems so standard. It will likely reach the point of being unmanageable in the near future and we’re already talking about moving to another system. We love most everything else about Asana and would prefer not to switch. Is there any update on whether this is coming?


Tacking on another upvote to this for all the same reasons mentioned.


I agree with what everyone is requesting above. The ability to archive teams would be extremely helpful to our agency.

If I try to Delete the team via Team Settings, a note pops up that says “Deleting this team will delete all the projects and tasks associated with it. All team members will no longer have access to any of the information”. Does deleting the team ALSO delete all of the archived projects that were listed under this team or is it just the open projects that are deleted?


BUMP, this is a must for any agency using the system. Please prioritize this simple feature.


Yes pls! We don’t use team level communication because of the fact it’s gone after deleting a team. Archiving or the possibility to set teams (or projects) to ‘invisible’ would be a feature more than welcome!


We are not an agency but desperately need this feature. We just switched to Asana, thinking this feature is there, but may have to switch back to our old vendor without this feature


+1 to this option - it would be incredibly useful!

We’ve been using Asana for 10+ years now, and as our company has grown, we’ve naturally changed the way we use Asana + structure our teams and departments.

It would great to be to able to archive our historical teams without losing information and without cluttering up certain peoples’ Asana workspace with lot of old, private teams.


We agree too! We’re an agency and upgraded to the paid version hoping we’d have this feature (archive but not delete), but in searching for a solution, I found this page. Please add! :slight_smile:


Deleting cards in Kanban board on the web requires to click on “…” sign and selecting delete which is time-consuming and frustrating if you are deleting multiple cards (which happens a lot especially for developing workflows)

Just like dragging a card to another column, when user start to drag a card, an area for trashing cards will appear on UI, so if user drags the card into that area it will be removed quickly. Offering a short “Undo” time afterwards, of course.!

Visual design draft:


Welcome to the Forum @Rasam_Rostami and thanks for sharing your idea with us! We already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to gather and consolidate all feedback in one place! :slight_smile:


Yes, please!


Need this asap