Option To Archive Teams



It would be really useful to be able to archive Teams and all associated projects. As a marketing agency, we set up a Team for each client when we start working together but there’s no way to archive everything when a contract comes to an end or if things need to be placed on hold.

Deleting isn’t really an option as we’d lose the data and often we might be re-engaged by a client at a later date and would ideally just unarchive that Team.

I’m sure this feature would also be useful for organisations without clients, where they need to close off a spin out team etcetera.


Thanks for the feedback @Nathaniel_Cassidy! You’re completely right, as it stands, deleting a Team will automatically delete all its content - this is definitely something we could look into for future improvements. In the meantime, I would recommend creating another Team (potentially a private team is you have a Premium account https://asana.com/guide/help/permissions/team-permissions#gl-hidden-teams) and move all projects to this (private) team. This way you can keep these projects aside, and you will always be able to re-add your clients to it in the future if necessary. I understand this is quite manual, but it might be a good workaround for the time being!


Am I right in saying we would lose any team level conversations using that workaround though?

We’re already on Asana Premium, so could I convert an existing team to private and just remove everyone other than myself and then add them back and make public when needed? Bit of a manual faff but better than losing convo threads.


You’re are completely right @Nathaniel_Cassidy, with my workaround, you won’t be able to save your conversation. Your idea is a lot better in this case! :slight_smile:


This would be so useful for any agency working with clients. Please prioritise this.


It’s worth noting our current workaround - We have set up a master user asana@company.com. Any team we wish to archive we have added this user to so everyone can then remove themselves. Not ideal but means everyone can have a clean team list.


Thanks for this - we’d also like to be able to archive Teams. This is a great workaround.


As we are a big Marketing Team an use “Teams” also on a Project Basis would be cool if there would be the possibility to archive teams


Bump, we love asana as an agency but this is an issue. The workaround to create an ‘admin’ user that can hold as the only team member looks like the only way to clean up the team list for everyone else.


I work for a design studio and we make teams for new clients so this would be huge for us as well. Currently running 12 teams of active project. Being able to keep but visually clear these teams as we complete our scope would be incredible. As many of our clients often come back for brand updates & retainer work so we don’t have the option of deleting anything.


Bump. I am also with a marketing agency and we too use a team for each client. Sidebars are getting messy but we do not want to lose the history of team conversations etc, otherwise using Asana loses some of its usefuleness. I like the the workaround of creasting an asana@… email and everyone removing themselves, and if the settings are public they can always add themselves back if they need to find something.


This function would be great for our agency.


Bump. Can’t be too complicated given the archive features that are already available.


Hi there - So I’m clear (relatively new user), the solution is to make the team “hidden,” and archive the projects? We, too, would like to hide/archive a team and its projects but not lose the content.


Just wanted to support my fellow agencies out there and ask the Asana admins to add the “ability to archive teams” to the priority list! It’s a meanful request that really will make a difference for thousands of users.


Bump. This is an excellent feature request and our agency would love this feature as well. I’m currently in a situation where we’d also like to Archive a Project without losing data. Thanks.


YES!! This would be an amazing feature as I have clients come back to me throughout the year for additional work so I can just add the new project in. Also not loosing all the correspondence for the work done previously by having an archive option would be amazing!! BUMP!


Bump! We are also a marketing agency looking for this feature to be implemented.


Hey @Michael_McClure @Kelly_Stewart, @alex14 & @Amy_Bridgeforth

I just wanted to add that archiving a Project will not effect the Tasks in that Project, but rather will remove the Project as an autofill option in Asana. This is meant to streamline your Asana’s autofill abilities so that only the most relevant and in use projects appear as options.

If you wish to locate those Projects in the future should, as you note in your example Amy, a client will come back later on in the year, simply run an advanced search for a Task you know is present in this Project. This will allow you to navigate back to that Project freely, or (if you wish) unarchive it as it becomes relevant once more.

For additional insight on how archiving Projects works, refer to our guide post on the subject at the following link below:

Let me know if you have any other questions on this point :smile:


Yes please, we have a lot of clients = projects and need to have a place to put them when the project is closed but we are mandated by law to keep the files