What do you do with a Team once all projects are completed?

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Simple question here, but I could not find much about Teams management. We have Projects that last for 2-3 years so we give them their own Team. What do you do once all projects are completed and it’s time to move on to the next job? Delete? :fearful:

Once all the task are completed and/or the project is finished, we can archive it. :heavy_check_mark:

What do we do however when all projects within a Team are done and archived ?

  • Do we leave the Team ? what will happen to the data if we all leave, we might need to go back it ?
  • Do we move the archive projects to an Archive Team where everything mingles ? :nauseated_face:
  • Do we keep a bunch of teams down the side for the end of time? :thinking:

Another use case would be a company creating one team per client ? depending on how they organize their work.

I’d be interested to see what other users do!

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Oooh, great question! Following for responses, but I’ve always done your third suggestion to keep users from losing key information.

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Hey @Jonathan_Stern as we cannot archive teams yet (not sure why)

  1. I archive all projects, making sure all tasks are marked complete
    1.1 I may remove members from the projects if I need to be sure no further updates are done
    1.2 Task owners still have access to their tasks and yes, I have some clients that even remove assignees
  2. Remove all member from the team except an Asana Admin
  3. Move the team to the bottom of the sidebar

Thank you @Getz_Pro.
So far this is my plan. I was hoping there was something better :smiley:
Removing all assignees seems too much for me.

I was thinking of another hack: you could create an account and make that account the sole member of the team. Then if something is needed, log back as this ‘Archive acount’. I would not want to be paying for this account :money_with_wings:

Maybe i’ll put a feature request for Team Archiving !

thanks for your answer,


My use case is annual events. It works to have a team for each year’s event, as you do sometimes have different personnel. It’s useful for people who continue in their roles to be able to check on “what happened last year”. As those with organisational emails can see previous teams exist, they can ask for access to them if needed. There are a few core people who continue from year to year and so have access to all the teams.

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We created a a team called “Completed projects”, and add the year/month into the title, then archive after the project has been closed for 6 months.

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So you mix all projects from different teams into one ?
I guess as a hack you could prefix all projects with the team name then move them all into this ‘Archive team’.

thanks for your imput @Mitch_Blobstein

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Agree this is best if you need to locate these projects at a later stage. Helps you to easily see what team they belonged to previously