💡 How to properly delete a team

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With @Julien_RENAUD we keep pushing the boundaries of our Asana knowledge and we stumbled upon the following topic: what to do before deleting a team?

First, you can remove all full-granted members and see if there are any Limited Access Member left. That would mean there are private projects in the team you can’t see. You need to ask them to move their projects first.

Then you can decide to move archived projects into an Archive team for safe-keeping. Be careful though: privacy should still apply and you don’t want to reveal to everyone projects that were previously protected by the team permission settings.

Anything we missed?

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@Bastien_Siebman and @Julien_RENAUD is there anything that needs to be done with forms that belonged to a now archived project or team? I haven’t tested this myself. Curious if forms are automatically disabled when a project is archived or if that would be considered a best practice. I’d assume you wouldn’t want new data entry points for archived components.

What about portfolios? Is there a need to remove any projects that are part of an archived team out of an existing portfolio? What do you do with portfolios that consists ONLY of projects that are part of a team to be archived?

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From the Asana Guide for deleting Teams https://asana.com/guide/help/organizations/team-basics#gl-delete:

  • If you’re using Asana Goals please ensure that any Goals assigned to the team are reassigned to another appropriate team before deleting the team. This will allow you to filter the goals using the newly assigned team for easier navigation.