When archiving the project, the project team still shows in the sidebar.


When archiving the project, the project team still shows in the sidebar and you get this message

If I remove myself from the team, am I still am to search for the project in the search bar? If not, how can I archive the entire project without the teams showing in the sidebar which is part of the purpose of cleanup?

We would want the project to stay in tact, which would include who worked on what (so removing people from tasks would not be helpful)


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I’m looking for a similar solution. I’d like to have a way to “archive” a team so that it doesn’t show in the left sidebar panel. I’ve archived all related projects and I’m now the only person on the team, but I don’t want to leave the team to remove it.

@Chiara_Cammarata - possible work-around. I added my active teams to my favorites list and collapsed the teams menu altogether. It’s not a perfect solution, but at least it’s less cluttered.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 153322

The usual workaround is to have an Archive team, move all projects in it and delete the team. Be aware that a team can contain private projects.

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@Chiara_Cammarata and @Kristen_Kramer,

Asana has no feature to archive a team (maybe there’s a #productfeedback post you can vote on or add one), so you will need a workaround for now (because a project, even if archived, must exist in a team).

The workaround that I use I documented in my eBook chapter (free at):

  • For Teams, consider faking a Team archive (not a feature in Asana) at the bottom of the left sidebar by creating a dummy Team called :file_cabinet: Teams Archive and positioning it after your last active Team. Drag Teams there that you no longer use (but don’t yet want to delete).

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You can upvote for this feature here: Option To Archive Teams :slight_smile: