The option to remove all projects from view in the sidebar

I removed myself from a project I’m no longer involved in, but the project still exists. I’d like to keep my sidebar as clean and minimal as possible, so I no longer want to see the project there. It’s unfavourited for me, but it is still showing in my sidebar. How can I remove it? Thanks!

That is expected behavior. The owner of the project would have to make it private in order for you to not see it. But the sidenav shows everything that is public within the teams you are a member of!

Thank you! That’s a shame, is there somewhere we can make suggestions? That sidebar gets clogged up really quickly!


@Rebecca_McGrath can we turn that topic into a product feedback?

@Lucia_Juliao may I suggest a different approach? You should be using Favorites to have main projects at the top, and for the rest just use the search (opening up with Tab+/), that which much quicker. As a proof, I never ever open the teams and only use those two tricks myself.


Similarly, it would be useful if the archive function would actually projects from view, but not delete the project. There’s a bit of limbo status between deleting a project (i.e. it was a duplicate or created in error) and archiving it (all current tasks completed, but not deleting so as to retain it for future reference. i.e. an annual event). As noted above, the view fills up rather quickly and has been a barrier to adoption for my team.