Can't Remove an Unwanted Project I'm Not Even a Member Of

A project shows in my Projects list that I want to get rid of. I’m not even a member of it, and have no idea why it shows. I think it’s always been there but now that I use Asana more, it’s bothering me.

The menu doesn’t show a “leave project” option. I’m also not on the members list - when I go there, I just see a “join” option. Finally, there’s no “archive” option when I right-click on the project name on the left.

How do I get this out of my Projects list on the left?

Thank you.

Perhaps you’re a member of a Team that has access to the Project? Check what Team the project is in, and see whether you’re willing to leave the Team.

If that doesn’t work, ask one of the Project admins, or failing that, try Asana Support. Good luck!


If this is a public project in a team you are a member of there is no way to hide this from your view.


Hi @StefanP , I understood that you want to remove the project from your Projects list in the sidebar. If you change the sort settings from the ... next to Projects, to Recent or Top, it should eventually go away, as long as you stop visiting that project!

Otherwise, you can collapse the Projects section in the sidebar, drag it to the bottom and use the Starred section instead which you can include just the projects you frequently use and sort them as you like.