Option To Archive Teams

Any update? Would love to see this feature implemented as well.


We would also love to archive teams.
Keep us posted!

At any given time we have about 30 clients, each of which have 5-10 projects.

Our structure is to list the clients as what Asana calls a ‘team’ and then their projects all live in the Project space.

Problem is, when we finish with a client, there is no way to archive them as you can with projects. Such a feature would be fantastic. Alternatively, and amount of sub-grouping teams would allow us to accomplish the intended effect as well.


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You should vote on Option To Archive Teams
@Marie or another moderator will probably merge the threads.


Thank you for sharing this feedback @Tommy_Casual! I have gone ahead and merged your post with Option To Archive Teams to centralize feedback. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Any prevision on this request? For more than 1 year that this has been requested by several users and it’s a natural need for most marketing agencies.

This would sooo helpful!!

Looking forward for this to be added :slight_smile:

Hi @Najomie - Have you added your vote at the top of the post (I only had a quick look but couldn’t see you, might just have missed you tho) ? For items in the Product Feedback section you need to add your vote so that it can be brought to the attention of the team at Asana that this is something the community are asking for.

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+1 for this thread. We’re a studio and need this functionality.

  • 1 too we definitely need that

+27 on our side too. I’ve been following this thread for nearly a year and a half and after again today dealing with the annoyance of so many lingering Teams just sorted at the bottom of our list we could really use this feature.

The suggestion of an alternate admin@ or team@ type account is a great hack in the meantime so everyone can just remove themselves from seeing a cluttered side panel. Though we’ve also had cases of duplicate team projects when clients have been on hold and coming back and team members not realizing we already had teams in the past.

Any type of update and timeline on this would be great. Is there anywhere Asana publishing the upcoming top priority items that are being working on for feature enhancements?


This would be very useful. I don’t want to go thermonuclear on the old team and its projects, but its also cluttering up the workspace and I’d like to get rid of it

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Exact same request for the exact same reasons - Please Asana!

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We are also desperate to be able to archive teams. We have over 100 account and each has its own team. Its becoming crazy. Please asana!


Ditto everyone else here desperate to clean up their teams by way of archiving.


Yes! This is unbelievably frustrating. Please prioritize this.


@Marie is there any progress on this topic? If not, can Asana allow a free user like @liamthorpeyoung mentioned to neatly take old Teams out of everyone’s view? I don’t want to pay for user to accommodate something Asana should be able to do.


@James_Mullaly, I’ll let @Marie reply, but I’m pretty sure you could accomplish this with an out-of-domain user at no charge, like LoneTeamMember@gmail.com. And if you already have a gmail alias like mycompany@gmail.com you can invite mycompany+loneteammember@gmail.com to Asana w/o creating the alias to piggyback on mycompany.

@lpb thanks for the suggestion, however for security reasons we use SSO which requires a domain user for access.


Hi @James_Mullaly,

I don’t have an update just yet, but I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team, they might be able to assist you with the deletion of old Teams! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!