Option To Archive Teams

Any update? Would love to see this feature implemented as well.

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We would also love to archive teams.
Keep us posted!

At any given time we have about 30 clients, each of which have 5-10 projects.

Our structure is to list the clients as what Asana calls a ‘team’ and then their projects all live in the Project space.

Problem is, when we finish with a client, there is no way to archive them as you can with projects. Such a feature would be fantastic. Alternatively, and amount of sub-grouping teams would allow us to accomplish the intended effect as well.


You should vote on Option To Archive Teams
@Marie or another moderator will probably merge the threads.


Thank you for sharing this feedback @Tommy_Casual! I have gone ahead and merged your post with Option To Archive Teams to centralize feedback. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Any prevision on this request? For more than 1 year that this has been requested by several users and it’s a natural need for most marketing agencies.

This would sooo helpful!!

Looking forward for this to be added :slight_smile:

Hi @Najomie - Have you added your vote at the top of the post (I only had a quick look but couldn’t see you, might just have missed you tho) ? For items in the Product Feedback section you need to add your vote so that it can be brought to the attention of the team at Asana that this is something the community are asking for.

+1 for this thread. We’re a studio and need this functionality.

  • 1 too we definitely need that