Revert to previous project list view on Team Page - Current view shows archived projects and it's out of order

Does anyone know how to revert back to the prior project list view where you can filter by active and archived projects? Overnight Asana updated and now is showing archived projects in my list of active projects and there is no way to reorder the list of projects anymore. This was a crucial feature for our team for organization and would like to be able to have the flexibility back. Thanks!


I’m having the same issues and SOOOOOO many old jobs are popping back up. Such a mess an a headache. Please change it back!


Same here. Why did Asana take away the ability to custom order team projects and in turn the order of the flyout menu from the sidebar? You’ve messed up our whole team today!

Looks like we have to go and “pin to the top” every project to have the ability to put them in a custom order??


I am having the same issue! It has really caused problems today and not understanding why such a helpful feature was removed. PLEASE change it back!

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@Sydney_Paner , @Maryann_Chan , @Taylor_Riley , welcome to the forum! …and @Shane_Davison :

This is part of an A/B that Asana is apparently running until end of May. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your Asana space has been selected at random and unfortunately you won’t be able to opt out of it.

You should see a new sort method in the upper right corner of the list of projects in the Team overview page - perhaps setting it to ‘Last modified’ would at least keep recent projects at the top of the list.

In the meantime, you could create a post in the Product Feedback category, asking “Add a ‘Custom’ option to the A/B test for sorting projects within the Team overview page”.

(btw, I don’t work for Asana)

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Since showing the Archived Projects is part of A/B testing, I (and it sounds like many others) vote NOT to do this when the testing is completed. There’s a reason the projects are archived. We don’t want them listed!


It appears that I, and many others, have been selected as part of A/B testing where it now is showing archived projects in my list of active projects and there is no way to reorder the list of projects anymore. This was a crucial feature for our team for organization and would like to be able to have the flexibility back. Our team votes NO on this test and would appreciate if you were able to allow us to opt out of the test if possible!


Thanks for the response! I’ve made a post if others want to share their thoughts: Project List View Change in Teams Overview page - Showing Archived Projects & Out of Order


I am also running into the same issue and would have preferred to not even be part of this testing. It has really hindered workflow and would also vote NO to this becoming the new norm. Please, as soon as possible, revert back to the original organization and customization features before this test.

I agree strongly, and voted, and @Sydney_Paner and @Taylor_Riley you should too: Click the purple vote button at the top of this thread.




Nicely done, @Sydney_Paner.
I voted!
(btw, I slightly rephrased the title to include ‘Team Overview page’, for better searchability by others)


I also very strongly agree. This has made our it nearly impossible to navigate our projects on our team now. We archive projects all the time (a ton of them), and now they are all just randomly intermixed - it’s complete chaos. Before I ordered the list and told people that we are working on these projects in the order that they show up on the team, and now what do I tell them? Also they can’t even find their projects because they scattered all throughout with archived projects. The filtering for “last modified, recently created, due soon” is not at all helpful. The order in which I create projects is basically random because sometimes it’s right before we start and othertimes I make a bunch ahead of time for planning purposes. Last modified also is not helpful - it creates upredictable behavior for the user because your list is never the same the next time you look at it. And due soon? I then would have to constantly update dates on all our projects to try to keep them in order. Sprints change. Schedules change. Let me just put them in order like before and hide the archived projects that no one needs to see. This is insane.


I guess the workaround is to manually go through your entire list of all projects and archived projects and “pin to top” for literally everything. Then you can drag and drop them. What a pain. I can’t hide my tons of archived projects though. I wish I could supervote for this to get fixed asap to revert to how it was.

Dear all,
Since this week we cannot reorder the projects within the team. Please restore this function.

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. As @Richard_Sather mentioned, we are currently testing a new option to pin projects on the team page. I have gone ahead and reported your feedback to our product team so they can confirm if this update is also part of this experiment.

Thanks @Sydney_Paner for creating this feedback thread, I’ll consolidate all comments here and I will let you know as soon as I have any news.

Thanks for your patience!


This is a horrible horrible change. We’ve so many old projects now appearing in our list that we’re having to browse through to find the projects we’re actually working on. It’s wasting valuable time. As @Tiara_Moske has said, there’s a reason they were archived!

I can work around by pinning items to the top, but my concern is that if that is the test (to see how often we use the Pin feature), Asana are going to think we love it … when actually we’re ONLY using it because it’s the only workaround.

Can I just confirm, if I Vote on this post, am I voting against or for the change?


Correct @B_Tait! I just updated the title to make the request clearer. I’ll let you know when I hear back from our product team.


I really don’t understand the logic behind not allowing a filter for archived projects.

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Seconding what many folks have said here. This change has a drastic impact on our day to day work as we have many archived projects and a specific sequence for our active ones. For example, the new sort options do not match any of the use cases I have as a manager when I go into my team’s project list. I currently cannot efficiently survey our work and prepare for our next sprint. Please revert this change.

Using paying clients to test a dramatic change to the design of a program without the option to opt out is not a winning strategy. I emailed their team letting them know our team needs this to change ASAP and for the filter button to be returned.