Introducing new options to organize your project list on the team page

Hello Asana Community!

Team Pages are great for viewing and accessing all the projects associated with your team. However, as the number of team projects grows, finding and accessing the most important ones can start to feel overwhelming.

In the coming weeks, we’re rolling out new features to the project section on team pages to make managing team projects easier. Here’s what’s new:

New sorting options

Sort your project list by last modified, recently created, or due soon. And soon, users will also be able to sort projects alphabetically.

Pinned projects

Use pins to keep your most top-of-mind project quickly accessible—no matter how your project list is sorted. Drag and drop pinned projects into a custom order that works for you.

Search your team projects

A new search bar will help you quickly narrow your project list by keyword, which should make finding and pinning projects easier.

These changes will be rolling out to all users starting May 14, 2024. We know some of you have put a lot of effort into curating your project list, so a portion of select customers’ projects will be auto-pinned to help maintain their existing sort order.

As you interact with the new Teams page, please reference the below FAQs or reach out to us if you have any questions.

  • Can I still filter for archived projects? Yes! Archived projects will be hidden by default, but you can use the archive filter if you want to see a list of archived projects.

  • How do I manually curate the projects one by one? You can drag and drop your projects in this section after pinning them. For legacy Business / new Advanced tier+ customers, we also recommend using Portfolios to organize and manage projects

  • I’m still struggling with the new experience. What can I do? Please reach out to our Support Team and we’ll do our best to make this transition easier for you.
  • I don’t understand why my project list was auto-pinned: We have auto-pinned projects for a select customer base who we think may have already put in a lot of effort curating this list. You can remove pins at any time, but for more information and support, please reach out to our Support Team.