Open Thread: Asana Marketing is looking for your feedback!


Hi, my name is Amulya and I work on our Product Marketing team here at Asana!

We know that a lot of Operations teams use Asana to track and manage their work, and we’re looking to understand more about what Operations teams use Asana for, and what value it provides to their team. Hoping to learn directly from you — members of the Community Forum! If you work on an Operations team that uses Asana, or you have insight into how Operations teams at your company use Asana, we’d love to hear from you. Specifically, we’re looking for insight into the following questions:

  • What types of projects do you manage in Asana?
  • Which teams do you work with most in your role?
  • What is the main benefit Asana provides to your team?

Please feel free to comment below with answers to the questions above or any other info you’d like to share with us. Thank you for helping us learn more about your team — the more we understand how our customers use Asana, the better we can help create features and solutions to help you get more of your best work done with Asana!



Hi @Amulya_Uppala, I run Operations for a ~15-person eComm startup, and would be happy to help here. To answer your questions:

  • What types of projects do you manage in Asana?

Here are a few examples of our most-used project templates:

  • Employee Onboarding / Offboarding (for internal Ops team)
  • Employee Onboarding (for new hires)
  • Recruiting - Applicant Tracking Document / CRM
  • Executive Meeting Action Items
  • Brand Launch Playbook (we build eComm brands, and have 200+ tasks to complete for each new brand to be considered “successfully launched”)
  • Business Development Leads
  • Event Planning
  • Which teams do you work with most in your role?
  • Executive
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • HR / Recruiting
  • eCommerce
  • What is the main benefit Asana provides to your team?
  • Clarity, transparency, accountability

Hope this helps!


Thanks for sharing your experience and insights with us @Drew_Shannon!



Lots :smiley: We have projects for each KPI with an action plan, a project with a process improvement backlog and also repetitive processes.

Customer Success, in which I get updates regarding the delivery of consulting projects for my clientes

Reduced number of e-mails. We use a lot of the comments to keep everyone updated.


Hi @Amulya_Uppala!

I’m in a business operations at a nonprofit, and thought I’d provide my thoughts.

  • Implementation projects (for example, rolling out new software, implementing process changes, developing a new website, etc)
  • Event & campaign planning (fundraising campaigns, marketing campaigns)
  • Strategic planning (board project to view all current projects & status)
  • Backlog/queue (managing our log of internal Salesforce requests, for example)
  • Meeting agendas
  • Ongoing work (many of the tasks in projects of this type are recurring, for example, call to thank donors once a week. This is helpful both as a reminder to the person doing the work, but also for training anyone taking on an existing role)

Probably all of our teams, but mainly leadership, IT and programs. But also finance and development (fundraising).

For us the documentation that Asana creates is a huge draw. People transition through roles quite a bit (part of the Zen training), so we use Asana as a tool for documenting processes, and for training. It’s easy to simply share the relevant projects with someone new and they can get up to speed pretty quickly!

Thanks for asking!



  • HR Onboarding/ Offboarding
  • 1:1’s with Managers and Direct Reports
  • Application Implementations
  • Meetings
  • Daily Performance KPI Management and Monitoring
  • Vendor Relationship and Service Improvements


  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Systems Operations and Support
  • Vendor Relationship Management


  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Ease of progress reporting
  • Elimination of non contiguous email chains regarding a task or work.


Thanks for your insights @Millor_Machado!


Thanks for these useful insights @Jennifer_Orr, really appreciate it!


Thanks for sharing these @Mark_Nattress!


Another nonprofit here:

I work with Board members and volunteers.

The main benefit Asana gives is we are a paperless team. No emails, if I can help it. We use it for board meeting Agendas, projects. Fundraising goals, training material. For volunteers, we help them flesh out their projects. (we have them create content for our website) so giving them deadlines when they are volunteers helps them feel as if they are apart of the mission. Which they are!

Hope that helps!


We use Asana for full end to end project management for a medium to large Manufacturing business. We use Asana slightly differently to most, but it’s an amazing tool and has totally revolutionised our business.



Minor piece of feedback that may be relevant. The new UI of the site looks like and it trips me out when I go to and I think I’m there, or vice versa.

Thanks for listening!


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We manage a pretty wide variety of projects in Asana:

  • Department Onboarding
  • Marketing Requests from the company (hey, fellow Marketing person!)
  • Team Workload & Deadline Calendar
  • Graphic Requests
  • Copywriting Requests
  • Proposal Projects
  • Presentation Projects
  • PR & Communications Calendars
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Event/Conference Planning
  • Team 1 on 1’s
  • Merger & Acquisition Launches
  • Merger & Acquisition Integrations
  • Team Meeting Agendas
  • Best Practices Presentation Calendar
  • Department Budget Planning
  • Department Strategic Planning
  • Department PTO Requests, Travel & Holiday Calendar
  • Operational Improvements
  • Business Development
  • Operations

Transparency, Organization - and most importantly - SCALABILITY.


thank you for the detailed feedback @Laura_Johnson, really appreciate it!


Hi Amulya,

Our operations team uses Asana for keeping track of orders, donations, and the logistics of our workflow in addition to real-time communication between our company locations.

All different departments of our organization use Asana to stay up to date with the operations team for full transparency and communication purposes.

Asana provides us with an easy, paper-free way to keep in touch, optimize our production through the real-time updates, and reference if we ever need to go back for details. We appreciate getting to use Asana and are strengthing our quality of work and communication through it.