Meet our newest solutions: Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales

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I’m super excited to announce that yesterday, we launched two new solutions: Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Asana for Operations:

Operations teams play a critical role in building processes to drive revenue growth and deliver customer value. But rapid business expansion often makes it hard to prioritize initiatives, report on what’s working, and scale processes to prevent wide scale inefficiencies. Without clear or consistent processes in place, teams end up manually coordinating much of their work and wading through repetitive requests and questions.

Now with Asana for Operations, teams can build and scale processes based on their organization’s best practices to kick off projects faster and focus on their most important goals.

Here’s how your operations team can use Asana to scale processes and increase efficiency:

  • Centralize objective planning and tracking in Portfolios.
  • Visualize real-time workflow data with the new Tableau integration.
  • Streamline work requests with Forms.
  • Automatically triage and assign requests to the right person or project with Rules.
  • Standardize best practices around vendor management, new employee onboarding, QBR agendas, and more with Templates.

Learn more about Asana for Operations on the Asana Guide.

:sailboat: Asana for Sales:

The best sales organizations approach selling like a team sport. They expertly coordinate the resources of multiple functions to ensure everyone is aligned on goals and processes to move deals through the funnel. But when it comes to orchestrating handoffs and driving cross-functional accountability, many teams fall short—resulting in lost deals or delayed deployments.

Now with Asana for Sales and Account Management, teams can easily communicate, collaborate, and deliver on customer expectations to close bigger deals and build stronger customer relationships.

Here’s how your sales and account management teams can use Asana to create winning customer experiences:

  • Break down team silos and automate handoffs between sales and account management to quickly action customer requests with our new Salesforce integration.
  • Collaborate on sales territory and account plans with Portfolios.
  • Automatically kick off customer onboarding with Templates and Rules.
  • Centralize customer data and keep important account information front and center with Custom Fields.

Learn more about Asana for Sales and Account Management here.


Euh, I don’t get it, do We need to pay more for this?
No info is available only “request demo”" and on top of the screen "Contact sales’

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Hi @Edwin_Rooijakkers,

These solutions are powered by several new features; some of these features are available to Premium users (ex: templates) others are available to Business users. We cater for all type of customers in our Community Forum (Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise) so it is hard to provide everyone with tailored answers and advice, hence why we often refer you to our Sales Team who can take a direct look into your account and advise you with the solution for the specific team! If you’re looking for which paid plan a specific feature is available to, I’d recommend having a look to the guide article hyperlinked above. And of course, you’re always welcome to ask questions in the #tipsandtricks section of this Forum, we’ll always be happy to help!

Hope this helps, have a great day!

Thanks !

The reason I asked was because we had a professional plan before ( for years)

But we were very surprised when the business plan was introduced, we suddenly had to upgrade, otherwise we lost functionality.

So I thought this would be the case again