OneDrive SharePoint File Picker does not load SharePoint sites any more

Same problem for me too!

Is there any progress on this as its a big time problem for our staff?

Glad to see there are lots of other users with the same issue as mine. This is causing significant disruption now to our workflows. I really hope a fix is in the pipeline very soon (as in in the next hour or two LOL).

I am still looking for some workarounds if there are any: Asana & Sharepoint Integration is broken - any workaround?

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Hi all :wave:t2:

Thanks for your patience here! I just wanted to let you know that while we don’t have a fix for this just yet, our Engineering team are working directly with Microsoft so we hope to have a fix soon!

In the meantime, you can try switching to tile view and reloading the picker by right clicking and reloading as a workaround! :slight_smile: