Adding Search Option for Sharepoint - Asana Integration

Hi Folks,

I am not sure if I saw this feedback somewhere earlier or if I dreamt it.
Anyhow, here is what I would like to see with the Sharepoint Integration:

When attaching files into a task, I would like to see a ‘search’ bar that allows me to look for documents - this will save so many clicks when working.

Here is a screen shot to illustrate.

Any thoughts?

I have had more than one of those days myself :slight_smile:


Hi @Rashad_Issa, thanks for providing this feedback!

Dreaming of Asana? :unicorn: I love it! :wink:

While this isn’t on our roadmap right now, I’ll be sure to update you if this is something our Product team implements in the future :slight_smile:

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Yes, please add this feature! The onedrive/sharepoint integration is basically useless for my team and me without the ability to search for files. Thank you!

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Thanks for submitting this! We are moving from Google to Microsoft as an organization and the Google integration does incorporate a search bar, which skips a lot of work. Is this an issue with the API that Microsoft provides versus what Google does or does Asana implement those?

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