Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules

Would love to see a trigger added for subtasks that could be paired with the existing [add to another project] action, for example:

Rule = When [subtask added], [add to project].

We commonly tag subtasks up to the project level to increase subtask visibility and allow subtasks to be sorted by sections or custom fields - this automation would save us a lot of time!

We currently accomplish this by creating a series of subtasks, then clicking Search > Tasks I’ve Created, then tagging the recently created tasks into the desired project. It works and is faster than opening up each subtask in a new tab and tagging it into the project, which is what I used to do.


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I’ve tried the new feature today and it looks very promising!
@Marie, is the team planning on expanding the rules feature to custom fields other than Drop-downs?
Also, we are using Harvest for time tracking. Any plans with automation rules with it in the future?


Would love to see a tag rule where

If this condition is met

Tag with [choose tag]

For me, it’s the biggest thing rules is missing. Having subtasks is nice but man, tags would be so useful to my company’s workflow.


Hi @Nate_Barrett and welcome to the forum!

If you post this request in the “Product Feedback” forum category, that will allow you and others to register a vote for it, to indicate interest to Asana.

Also FYI Flowsana’s If-Then Rules allow you to create rules with tag-based conditions (“If the XYZ tag is added to a task”, “If the XYZ tag is removed from a task”) and tag-based actions (“Then add tag XYZ to a task”).


Hi @Ju2 and thanks for your kind feedback!

I’m confident we will make Rules available to other Custom Fields, but just like @Phil_Seeman recommended to @Nate_Barrett above, I would recommend creating a new #productfeedback thread so other people can support this feature request. And on my end, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have more info internally :slight_smile:


Hi @Ju2,

FYI, Flowsana’s If-Then Rules support both conditions/triggers and actions using all types of custom fields, not just drop-downs - i.e. you can trigger a rule to run based on a numeric or text custom field, and you can set a numeric or text custom field to a certain value as the result of a rule firing.


FYI, in response to several queries I’ve received, I’ve written a blog post with a detailed comparison of Asana’s If-Then Rules vs. Flowsana’s If-Then Rules:

How do Asana’s Rules compare to Flowsana’s Rules?


Is it me or is this once again a really useful feature that only those on the Business plan can take full advantage of? as someone on the premium plan - for which I have to pay for 5 seats whether I want them or not - I only have the option to move a task to another section when completed - or to complete a task by moving it to another section. No customised rules if you aren’t paying top dollar!

Been using Asana a few years now and been a big supporter but seriously looking into a move over to Clickup - so disappointed and unhappy with Asana right now - spoiled my pleasure at the new view for being miserly once again :angry:

I am liking this feature a whole lot, but am disappointed that a common Asana issue remains even with new features. We need a way to have a data dictionary of custom features. We should be able to get a list of Custom Fields, Tags, rules and know what projects they are in. I get that asana relies on its open source partners for a lot…but this is basic. I just made 20 rules for a project and cannot see them with any degree of usefulness anywhere in Asana and if I need to edit 1, I need to click into EACH rule till I find it. That is really not helpful at all.

Thanks for sharing your feedback @Rachel_Botts, sounds like a great opportunity to create a new #productfeedback thread and get the Community to support your feature request!

I’ve noticed that when performing interactions that would otherwise be Triggers on the web app, within my android app, no actions are performed - whether within the native app, or when viewing the item on the web app.

Do you all have plans to implement rules awareness into the mobile applications?

Hi @phildalencour,

Would you mind creating a new #tipsandtricks thread and give me a example, with steps to reproduce, so I can take a look into this? Thank you!

As a premium user, I have started using the new forms which are great but the problem is you can only have one form per project. So as a workaround, I have created a team called ‘Submission Forms’ and then have created projects for each of the forms that we need.

What would be great is if Asana offered premium users the ability to create the rule, "Task added to this project -> add to another project’. This would allow for our ‘Creative Services Team’ to have form requests automatically added to our ‘Submission’ project that we used to track all of our submission requests without having to manually check each of the projects to make sure they have been added to our ‘Submission’ project.

Hi @Talana_Lattimer,

FYI this rule is available in my Flowsana integration - all of Flowsana’s rules are available for all Asana users regardless of subscription plan level.

Hi @Marie! We are testing out rules in our projects and are wondering if can rules be used to create recurrences. And follow up question - can the CSV upload can be used to create recurrences? I don’t see anything in the documentation about it.

Thank you!

HI @StephanieC and thanks for reaching out!

As it stands Rules don’t allow you to create task recurrences, and I’m afraid that the CSV importer won’t allow you to achieve this either. Our new CSV importer supports dependency creation but can not be used to create recurrent tasks. Sounds like a great opportunity to create a new #productfeedback thread :slight_smile:

The biggest issue I think everyone has had is triggering dependent due dates after completion of a prior task. Has this not been enabled for premium users?

Hi @Yan_Digilov and welcome to the forum!

It is not available for Premium users, only available at the Business and Enterprise levels.

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I have tried to look beyond the simple triggers and actions and imagine innovative and fun ways to use the rules! The coolest Asana rules 😎

Looking forward to more feedback and contributors.

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Hello! Loving this feature.

Question - Can a Rule change a Custom Field or Column/Section field in a DIFFERENT project?

Our use case: We have a Project list that tracks things at a high level, and then a Section in that project that tracks certain smaller, repeatable tasks. These tasks are multi-homed to another kanban style board, where we drag and drop items to move them through the columns of a linear process. What we’d like to do is whenever we move a task to a new column on the 2nd board, fire a rule to update a custom field on the 1st board, to essentially keep those “in sync”. (So actually, if that’s possible some other way - would love to hear that!) However, it looks like right now a Rule can only change a custom field, or a column/section in this CURRENT project.