Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules

How can we order the rules so one is applied before another one? Will it be possible in the future to have more than one trigger for a rule (ex: if A is true and B is true then action)

Super exciting! BTW @Marie, how come I’m still not able to toggle between list and board view regardless of how it was originally created?


We first need some work to improve how subtask behave in Asana, but I’m confident this is something we will bring up in the future! I personally heavily rely on subtasks for my work at Asana and being ale to set rules for them would revolutionise some of my workflow! I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this topic!

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That’s not possible at the moment, all rules are running independently.

And to answer your questions, yes! We’re already looking into the next version of Rules and what combination could be useful, however this might take another while to come out!

This is an extremely complex rollout which involves migrating hundred of thousand project from an old to a new data model. Our team is making good progress, but it will take a couple of months before we fully get there. You can learn more about this topic in Why can't I but my friend can switch between board & list Hope this helps!

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HI @EdgarArana,

We don’t have yet a video yet, but we will in the next couple of weeks! And we will also hold a Webinar to get you started with Rules, so keep an eye out for the announcement and all details (including registering instructions)!

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

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Great to see the continued investment in the platform and will be epic once it supports subtasks eg. When new task created ADD xyz subtasks etc. Could this be the first step towards conditional logic for Asana, which we currently rely on Process.St to fill this gap?

Hi @Tim_Farr - FYI this ability is available in Flowsana’s If-Then Rules right now.


I’m a relative beginner at Asana. What is {CF}?

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@Harriet_Bograd, Good catch; that’s not so clear. It stands for Custom Fields, a feature of any paid Asana plan:


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Just tried it, but unfortunately for Premium users it is quite limited in functionality. It offers a whole bunch of rules based on our customer fields but 99% make no sense. Unfortunately the custom ones and the 1% that make sense are for Business only.

Very disappointing in what we get for our money, otherwise very useful feature, that will for sure save a lot of time. That is if you are on Business ofcourse…

I just tried this in a Business workspace hoping to use the action “Move to a specific column” but that action is not listed at all. Is that because the workspace is still on the old Sections model and that action will appear once the workspace has been migrated? cc @Natalia



Hi @lpb :wave:

Would you mind testing this Rule in a Board Project to see if it works for you there?

Looking forward to your reply!

Yes, @Natalia, it works as expected in a Board project.

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Hi. Can you please clarify. Can we use the change in a custom field as a trigger?