Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules

Hi @Christopher_Yi,

If the custom field is in your organization custom field library, and you have it added to both of the projects where the task is multi-homed, then changing it in one of the projects via a rule action will also change it in the second project.

If the custom field was created locally in each project (i.e. didn’t come from the library) then Asana sees it as two different custom fields (even if it has the same name in both projects) and changing it in one project won’t change it in the other.

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THANK YOU!!!You set me ona path - it didn’t occur to me to add the Custom Field that I wanted…
to BOTH boards! So the rule triggers on the 2nd board, affects the Custom
Field, but that change also is visible from the first board! It’s exactly
what I wanted! Thanks!!

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I have a Master Project Board where I want to sync the Column and Status level custom field of every task displayed on it from across multiple projects. Our Columns reflect the Status (To Do, In Progress, Done). We also manage the Status level within each task as a Custom Field. If I change the Column or Status level within the individual task’s project, I want it to do the same on the Master Project Board.

I was able to set up two rules: “Task moved to a certain column/section → Set Status” so that if we manually moved a task on the individual task’s Project Board to a different column, it would change the Status. I set up the second rule: “Status changed → Move task to a certain column/section” so that if we changed the Status field within the task, that it would do the reverse action and move to the respective Column.

Worked great both ways, but that didn’t sync with our Master Project Board, even when I applied the same rules on all boards. The task would get stuck in the original Column. The Status would display correctly, but it would not move to the respective Column on the Master Project Board.

Any help with this yet?

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Are you able to share a little example with dummy names for projects? I am a bit lost in your post at the moment :sweat_smile:

Hello! I’m hoping someone has a solution or a workaround for an issue I’ve run into. I set up sets of Rules across multiple projects for our Content Production team. The Rules add request tasks in our intake projects to our production projects once they’ve been validated and update the task workflow status via custom field as the tasks move across the kanban production boards.

I created the Rules, then my account was temporarily deactivated and reactivated. As a result, Rule ownership transferred to two of my colleagues, the Rules now say that my colleagues created them, and the Rules broke (they trigger but they don’t perform the action). However, my colleagues cannot access the Rules to modify or delete them, despite being the owners and “creators”, and I also cannot modify/delete them. I started trying to build replacements for them, but hit the max number of Rules allowed in a project before I could replace them all. Now, we’re stuck with half of our automation system working and projects permanently full of broken Rules that are inaccessible.

For context, we have 5 intake projects and 9 production boards that 50+ internal and freelance stakeholders work in to execute 300+ tasks at any given time. I know duplicating the projects to recreate the ecosystem is one option to potentially regain access, but I’m hesitant about the scope of work and disruption to our teams. I would greatly appreciate other solution options! Thanks for your help!


You should probably talk to Asana support, looks like this is a specific situation with your account.

How can we add each rule we create to all my projects at once? I want to avoid being activating rules all the time to more than 100 projects we have…

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I do not think this is possible unfortunately. Currently rules are only at a project level. What you are looking for is that rules are on company level, applied to multiple projects, but this is not in Asana at the moment.

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Hi @Rodrigo_Rojas :wave:t3: As @IvanStaykov mentioned, this option isn’t available at the moment, but I would highly encourage you to log this request in our #productfeedback category to allow other members of our community to support it! You may also be interested in upvoting Global Rules would rule! :slight_smile:

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