Now rolling out to Asana users - our new project header!

Hi @Ben_Brenner,

Unless some last minute issue arise, we’re planning to launch this new header to 100% users by the end of today (Monday) PST :slight_smile: Will confirm and close the loop here first thing tomorrow morning!

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I’d filed new feature request for Adaptive view set (that reacts to use patterns) at Adaptive Project Views. @Timothy_Starkey, @Michele_Lewis, @Christina_Majoinen, @Julien_RENAUD, @Martin_Parzonka, @Lena_Masek_Roberson, @Jill_Schoff, @Ben_Brenner, @Aaron_Paul, please vote.

I’d filed feature request about multiple filter views at Custom Project Layouts. @Tim_Jasper, please vote.

As avid user of Completed since subsets (with maximum since 3 weeks as preferred choice), I’d filed yet another feature request at, Custom Completed Recenty Tasks subset. Vote for it if interested.

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Our new project header is now available to 100% of our customers :slight_smile:


Agree! Anyone know if there has been progress on this?