Now available: Video messaging to increase team engagement and collaboration 🎥

Hi Neel,

I would like to know by when I shall introduce this new feature to my team…

I don’t see this feature now in my organization.


Thank you so much!! Excited to integrate this and use with my team to increase efficiency!!!

Hi Asana Community! :wave:t2:

Quick update: We discovered a bug that we want to fix before making video messaging available to everyone. Rest assured, the team is working quickly to resolve this matter and we will notify you in the coming weeks when video messaging is available again.

For those who have already had a chance to test this feature, you’ll still be able to access the videos you previously recorded but video thumbnails and viewing transcripts are temporarily unavailable for existing videos.

Our goal is to always provide the optimal experience for our customers and these improvements will help us do so. We’re so excited to hear all the initial, positive feedback and look forward to bringing this back soon. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:


I thought I had seen the feature, and was just looking for it again. Thanks for the update - looking forward to using it.