Now available: Video messaging to increase team engagement and collaboration 🎥

Hi Asana Community! :wave:

Neel, Product Marketing Manager from Asana, here to tell you all about our highly anticipated release of video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo—which is rolled out to all customers! :partying_face:

To help engage teams and collaborate smarter, Asana has partnered with Vimeo to bring asynchronous video messaging to life and give team members the clarity they need to move work forward.

Text may get the point across, but written words lack tone, emotion, and expression. With video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo, you can give your team all the context they need, without having to schedule another meeting. Record short video messages of yourself, your screen, or both, then embed the videos in tasks, projects, messages, and comments to provide additional clarity and context. Then, a transcript of the recording is automatically created by Asana, making it readable and searchable. Give feedback, ask questions, and assign tasks—all without leaving Asana.

With video messaging in Asana, powered by Vimeo, you can:

  • Inspire your team by showing your excitement for an upcoming project
  • Provide creative feedback with additional context and tone
  • Get your team excited about an upcoming project and bring the goals of that initiative to life
  • Share campaign updates and launch overviews to keep cross-functional stakeholders in sync
  • Recap customer conversations and next steps to direct your sales team with purpose
  • Share demos of product or design walkthroughs without scheduling another meeting
  • Show best practices to educate stakeholders and improve team efficiency

How do I get started?

For the new video messaging in Asana feature:

  1. Open the task where you want to record a video message
  2. Click the “Description” or “Comment” section
  3. Then select the “Record a video” icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the toolbar
  4. From the recording configuration window, select an option: record your screen, yourself, or both
  5. Once you have chosen your recording option, click “Start recording”
  6. Once you’ve finished recording, select “Add video” to save your video in the Description or Comment section of the task (for Comments and Messages, you’ll be able to add additional text to describe the video in draft mode, or just send the video on its own)
  7. Once the video is added, Asana will automatically create and upload a transcript of the recording

For the existing embedding videos in Asana feature:

  1. Open the project where you’d like to embed a video
  2. Click on the “Overview” tab
  3. In the Key Resources section, click “Create project brief” (note: if there’s already a Project Brief, click anywhere on the title)
  4. When the Project Brief opens, click “Edit” on the top right
  5. Navigate to the section in the Brief where you’d like to embed a video
  6. From here, click on “Insert” and then “Media”
  7. Paste in the URL and click “Embed link” for the video player to expand below it

Note: at this time, you cannot record video messages or receive transcripts of recordings from Project Brief. If this is something you’re looking for, let us know! We’re always working to improve features based on feedback from our Asana Community.

The new video messaging in Asana feature is available to all Asana plans, including Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise users and will be enabled by default. Users can record up to 2 videos without needing a Vimeo account. On their next recording, the user will be prompted to create a free Vimeo account to continue recording unlimited videos for free. To learn more about using the Vimeo + Asana features, visit the Asana Guide.

And as always, let us know your thoughts and feedback! What are some ways this feature will help you inspire teams, especially when you’re not all in one place? Comment below and please share how we can further improve on the way you and your teams collaborate together. Thanks!


Thanks @Neel_Patel

You may want to pull in the notes over at


When will it be avaliable in the Asana desktop app?

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Hi @Finn_Stenberg! this is our first shot at Video Messaging in Asana and based on your feedback we will work on some iterations over the next couple of months including support for the Desktop app. We don’t have a specific timeline on when it will be available but it’s in our radar! thanks for sharing your feedback.


I’ve been using “Vimeo record google chrome extension” to communicate with my team on Asana and slack, it’s been one of best improvement in our team communications.
I can make a simple video tutorial by recording my screen and FaceTime camera in a matter of minutes. This new Asana Vimeo messaging feature is a fantastic feature addition. :raised_hands:t4:


This is incredibly cool, thanks for rolling it out! Will it also be possible to record videos at the overview page at the project level? I have not been able to add any videos there, but works like a dream at the task, comment, and messaging level


This looks great team - thanks, Ben.

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I assume this also gradually rolls out to all accounts (we’re not seeing it right now in our business account)?

@Lukas_Kerecz yes correct. I am also not seeing it yet in our company account.

Hi @Henrik_Pedersen, as it stands, video messaging is currently not available on the project overview tab but sounds like a great opportunity to create a thread in the #productfeedback category so other customers can upvote for this feature too!

@Lukas_Kerecz @Andrea_Mayer you are right! We are gradually rolling out this feature and it will be available to all users very soon!

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This is fantastic and I cannot wait to start using the feature. At this point though, I cannot find the record button anywhere within the description or comment box of a task. Is this something I need to set up? or is it not yet rolled out to everyone? @Neel_Patel

Hey @Rashad_Issa see the comment from Emily here:

I cannot see it either yet :wink:


Ah yes, thanks a lot @Andrea_Mayer

This is awesome! I can’t wait to start trying this out. Videos are so great for how-to tutorials! Hopefully we can reduce some of the tasks in our projects because of this feature!

Very excited about this feature! Can’t wait to try it out, must not be rolled out to our agency yet as I’ve been checking daily lol and still no record button. Anyway to bump our organization up on the roll out list? :grin:

I had the feature and now it is gone. When I had the feature it was in the Chrome version, but not in the stand alone app.

This seems to be an awesome update. I am definitely going to use this. :innocent:

@Neel_Patel Thank you for sharing this awesome update.

Looking forward to the release of this feature!

Thanks, @Neel_Patel I can’t wait to introduce my team to this feature. time-hack