Video messaging in Desktop app

Still seeking an answer to this question on a thread that was just closed:

Anyone have any idea on the timeline of video messaging being available in the Desktop app?


Hi @TrevorWiser, we don’t have any updates as of yet but I will let you know as soon as we do :slight_smile:


Disappointing this still isn’t here. I just feel like if you’re going to release and support a desktop app it shouldn’t be left behind on feature releases.

I also just spent 10 minutes searching the interwebs to figure out why we don’t have video messaging yet in our organization…

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Totally agree with @liohn_sherer here:

It’s very unfortunate that the desktop app is such an afterthought with updates; same is true of some of the improvements on the Home screen. I really like the app but often have to switch back to the browser version to access missing functionality. Clunky.

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Anything? Video messsaging for the Desktop App? An ETA?

Still hoping to have the video features that are included offered on the desktop app. Looks like it’s been nearly a full year? Is it actually on the roadmap or should I abandon the app and use on web-based?

That’s what I did.
I installed it as an Edge App so it still opens in a separate window.