Vimeo feature not available in task description

Hello folks,

I wanted to test Vimeo integration. I saw a pop up in Asana couple of days ago, but I hadn’t time to give try yet.

I wanted to get an eye today, but I dont find the feature !
Shouldn’t be a new video record icon in the task description ?

In the console, video record is enabled

Thank you for your help,

Hi @Guillaume_Soto

You saw it pop up where? It is rolling out, but not in all instances yet. I can confirm it is in one of mine. Perhaps your instance just isn’t upgraded yet. Asana likes to roll these releases out to mitigate risk over a large audience.

Hey @Guillaume_Soto,

Asana found a bug they are working on fixing atm.

More info here: Now available: Video messaging to increase team engagement and collaboration 🎥 - #23


Okey! Thank you for the answer, and good job for the tech team to work on it.
I will play on something else in the meantime

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