New triggers for automatic rules/Filters for dashboards - Assigned/Unassigned

Hi team,

Currently we can trigger rules when assigning a task to an specific person. That is great, but in many ocassions, for larger teams, it is difficult or unknown who will take ownership of this. Neither it is to quickly identify those tasks that have not a defined owner and are being left behind.

It would be VERY usefull to trigger a rule when you assign a task to ANYONE (for example, I can automaticaly move a task from “Intake” section to the “Assigned” section). Same process when a task is de-asigned to no one.

For dashboard (and filters in general), it would be great to be able to add a filter saying if the task is assigned or not, regardless of the asana user that it is assigned (or not assigned).


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Have a look here:

Regarding this please have a look at this existing feedback request thread and leave your vote there :slight_smile:

There you can also find a workaround for the advanced search.

For the reports you would have to work with filters

Since you mentioned you have unassigned tasks in the “Intake” section you can just exclude tasks from that section then in the report as per this example:

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