New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

This feature is right on time for us, thanks!
We have teams that share a lot of tasks under which each team may create subtasks.
Can you confirm that the time subtask rollup is on track to be released shortly?
And this will work within the portfolio [since right now it only totals task level]?
Also please confirm that currently the portfolio rollup totals are buggy -? [i.e. not reliable as of yet]
Or if you believe it’s working, where I might find a more detailed explanation of how the field is interpreted at each task / subtask level, across projects, and up to portfolion?
Obviously we want to use if for planning.

Hey @Marie could you please reply to my question? Seems like you missed it. Thanks!

Question: Will this feature enable Pomodoro like Intervals? So that when a timer is started, there’s a notification after for example 25 minutes to take a break and the timer stops?

Hi @Johannes_Pautzke and apologies for missing your question. That’s not on the cards at the moment, but I would suggest creating a new request in Product Feedback to enable other community members to support this request so it can be considered for future updates!

@Marie are there any plans to add time tracking controls to the Desktop version - would be great if I could start/stop the timer right from my menu bar (Mac OS X) and if it would show the current task that the timer is running on.

Quick little mockup:

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I really wish this was closer to how Everhour does time tracking. The UI is much better for EH.


This is so exciting! We currently use Everhour integration but having it all in one will be amazing.
What is the difference between Effort and Estimated Hours?? We use Effort for our workloads portfolio. Would we be duplicating what is in effort to the estimated hours in order to see actual vs. estimated time in reporting?

Hi all. I am exporting a project with Estimated time and Actual time into a CSV file and and see Actual time is not there as a column in the exported file.

@Marie can you help understand why? Thank you :smile:

Great feature. Thanks for adding! However, is there ANY WAY that we could have hours displayed instead of days for our reporting dashboards?


Hi @Jeremy_Gregory , great suggestion! You can vote for that here:

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@Matteo_Cattaneo – I think that’s coming in the next release: New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱ - #137

I’m also eagerly awaiting this feature!!!

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You can use the “Estimated time” field as the effort measure in your portfolios. That’s what we’re doing so we can see daily effort as measured by the estimated time for tasks.

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Hi Marie,

I know it’s not within this thread but it’s the only place I’ve found this information. Has the subtask roll ups already been released? Does this ‘roll up’ suggest that a parent task due date can be updated based on an update in subtask due date? If yes, I can’t seem to find how to implement it.

Many thanks for your help!

Hi @Isabelle_Blanc,

Subtask roll-up is part of the third phase which is currently rolling out and should be available to all users in the next two weeks.

Subtask roll-up means that time tracked in subtasks will automatically roll up into the parent task (note this only works on the first layer of subtask).

I hope this helps!

Hi there, this may have been asked and answered, but I can’t find it- is there a way to report on time tracking? (estimated vs. actual, for example) Thank you!

Daily Capacity in Workload Portfolios

Our department previously used “Hours Est” as a custom field to capture projected workload. That field automatically calculated the actual capacity entered and displayed it along with the full capacity setting.

Will that eventually become available for the new time tracking fields? See images for comparison.

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Thanks for the update, Marie. For exporting of time data, will that show up in a normal data export or will there be new steps involved? Currently the “Actual time” field does not show up in exports for me, so I may not be part of the initial 10%, but want to be sure there isn’t an extra step I should be taking.

@Rebecca_McGrath do you know if the roll up occur for estimated time, actual time, or both? Will it occur automatically if the fields exist on the parent and subtask or will a rule be required?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

The newly creased Asana-wide ‘Estimated time’ field has a useful sum function at the bottom of it. The new Asana-wide ‘Actual time’ field does not. Please could we add this sum as well, so that we can compare the estimated and actual time sums?

Browser version:
Asana Mac App


(I’d guess this should be a feature request not a bug?)


I ran into this before too here:

Others did too, and I think Asana wants these posts together in that thread so I’ve moved your post there.