New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

This is a great initiative. However, the resources on my projects are shared. Can I accurately track those hours from the day that were spent on my project?

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Great things! Finally!
I noticed that sometimes appear only the Estimated time Fields and not the Time spent Field. How can I set each other?

It would be great to have an automatic “Time Remaining” field to go with this feature. This field could deduct “Actual Time” from “Estimated Time”, allowing users to quickly see how long is left on a task.

Unless the intended way to use this feature is that users should treat “Estimated Time” as time remaining, manually updating it each instance they log some “Actual Time”?


I have the exact same opinion! I’d love to see how we will be able to extract our data and use it.

For us one of the key point in Everhour is being able to add the roles of each team member and export that data continually. I’d love more details on how the reporting will be done.

We don’t yet have access to these fields for time tracking
Is this rolled out to all users this week as planned? Or any hold ups?

Hello @Tegan_Studsor,

Does your organization have a business or enterprise Asana plan?
If so go to the customize menu in a project where you should be able to enable it.

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Great question, @NicoleK! It won’t be possible to transfer data from other time tracking tools but I’ve passed this feedback onto our Product team so that they’re aware of this request! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Andreas_Wächter, time tracked will be visible to any project members, including Guests :slight_smile:

Hi @KatieHerda, template support will be coming with Release 3 in January :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca - what do we have to do in order to have this feature available to our subscription? We have an enterprise account.

Love this video announcement. It would be interesting to see how to run reports using the time tracking and resource planning functionality that Asana offers.

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Hi Rebecca,

I’ve been waiting for this feature before potentially upgrading from Premium to Business.

If I upgrade to a Business trial now, will this be available?


@Jeremy_Taylor See the release shedule below:

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Why are we limited at 2h 30 min?

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Hi Rebecca,

I understand Asana had to roll back the launch of the time tracking feature. Could you let us know when the feature will be available? I currently don’t see it in the web browser or the desktop app and we have a business subscription. Thank you!

Hi! Does this work for when a task is expected to take multiple days of a person’s time? I entered 72 hours for example and it seems a bit strange. Thanks!

Nevermind…I was thinking of the duration, which is still not a field. Thanks!

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We’re really excited about the possibilities and groundwork you’re laying with time tracking. I know it won’t be until next year, but I can’t way to see how this could integrate with Harvest once the API write access is available.

Time tracking in Harvest is a critical part of our workflow due to how we invoice. Right now, we can see the total time tracked to a task in Asana by clicking the clock icon, but the potential of seeing that on the task, in the list view and potentially in dashboards has me dreaming big. :star_struck:


Great idea to deliver the update using a video. Looking forward to seeing more about the time tracking.


This is such great news! One question, is there a way to delete or make a change to the estimated time section? I was experimenting with it and put a sample time in one of my tasks, and now I can’t delete it or change it.

I’m trying to create time reports with charts, but when I select Actual Time on Y-axis the possibility of selecting Asignee on X-axis disappears - it only lets me select Creator.

It would be amazing to be able to use this feature still in 2022 as I would like to migrate timetracking to Asana in 2023 starting in January.