New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

So excited about this!! I’ve been using Toggle and Hubstaff integrations for years for personal use but I think this will be very useful for the entire team.


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A client would like to see in a project (Dashboard, sum, whatever) accumulated time by Assignee. I don’t see how that’s possible now, and don’t see in the video and post about the three releases when it’s expected. See below for a more detailed explanation…

(See also this post above, with screenshot, for a related question: New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱ - #60 by Matheus_Vaz)

I’ll use this example project to explain the issues:

Related to @anon27973992’s post, in Dashboard I thought I could create a chart to show accumulated actual time by assignee. But if I choose x-axis of Assignee, then y-axis Actual time, it switches x-axis to Creator; it won’t allow x-axis of Assignee for Actual time (but does allow it for Estimated Time). In what release will it permit Assignee?

I noted that the SUM rows don’t appear for Actual time. That would have worked for me but is not supported. I tried Estimated time and I see that is supported. In which release will SUM of Actual time be supported?

The only current solution I can think of to offer my client is to manually create sections corresponding to each Assignee, then use a dashboard chart like this:

Or is there a better solution?

On another note, Creator is useless is many circumstances because it appears that all form submissions have an empty/blank creator; see the screenshot task “Time Tracking Example submission” Creator column. Couldn’t that be “Asana” or something so as to not exclude all such tasks from Dashboard reporting? Or is there something I’m missing here?




Hi folks :wave: Dropping in with a small update from the Product team:

We have reevaluated the timeline for “API read-only” and will be moving this from Release 1 to Release 3 in Late January.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile:


What does the “subtask rollup” feature (in late January) mean?

Aaannddd Release 1 has now been fully rolled out to all Business and Enterprise users. :tada:

As a reminder, here is what is included in Release 1:

If on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can enable Time Tracking via the Customise menu in any project :stopwatch:

Please let me know if you have any questions or are not seeing the Time tracking option in your Customise menu on a Business or Enterprise plan :slight_smile:


Hey @Kristen_Barber, this means that time tracking in the first layer of subtasks will roll up and be included in the time tracked on the parent task :slight_smile:

Hello, will we be able to enable recurring time-tracking notifications? As an example: If we have a client that we’re working with monthly, can the time start over and send a notification to us when that happens?

To clarify, will the time start over the next month that we’re working on their project? (We have recurring agreements with clients so we do the same amount of work each month)


This sound great. But as many others here we only have the premium subscription. :cry:
May i suggest that when this is releases that maybe we as Ambassadeurs somehow can show this of to the rest of the company? I think this would help me by giving me arguments towards the leadership to upgrade to the Business subscription.

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@Patrik_Haasz I am sure Asana will prepare some more guides and videos to show how awesome all the time tracking features will be.
There are quite some reasons to give to your management to convince them to upgrade such as:

  • Not having to switch tools or using various tools when so much can be done within Asana (in most cases that not only saves everybody in the team some time with not having to switch but also for the accounting department they’d only have to keep track of fewer tool subscriptions.
  • More within Asana means easier to create more reports, and better monitoring (to see what might be inefficient and what not, meaning processes that take longer than expected can be improved, etc)
  • and more

I had a question below, please :slight_smile:

Just realized this is only available to business and enterprise users :cry:

Would be nice to include that information in the announcement…


@Rebecca_McGrath I’m not sure if @anon27973992 or @lpb was omitted, but the problem mentioned is quite serious because it forbids the user from fully using the time-tracking functionality; apart from collecting how much time each task takes, the project owner should also be able to check how much time was spent between team members per project/week/etc.

now it is not possible


Hello. where can i get the reporting feature for Track Time?

Can the Actual and Estimated time fields within the tasks total and “roll-up” to the project level for project level reporting?


This will likely be a great feature for my team in the future so excited to see more about it as it rolls out. However, I clicked on it in Customize without really knowing the impact and would like to turn this off for now, until my team is ready to use time tracking in Asana. Now I can’t find the option to remove it from the project.

Is there a way to turn off this feature for a project?

Hey Caitlin,
When you select time tracking in Asana it actually populates two fields, an estimated and an actual time field. You can remove these fields from the projects by selecting them in your fields list and choosing the pencil (edit) icon next to each. The bottom left of the field edit window should say “remove from project”. Do this for both actual and estimated fields and they should go away from that respective project until added again.


@Rebecca_McGrath - Any firm timing for Release 2?

This is great! Is there a way to convert workload on all project to estimated time?

That’s exatcly the concern, @Oskar !

Great sequence of snapshots, you made the problem crystal clear.

I hope to see some improvements soon, otherwise the feature will be quite useless for our use. Unfortunatelly.

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