New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

I’ve skimmed over a few comments but coming to the conclusion there is no option to configure project budget or be able to dictate when hours reset? Any workarounds or suggestions? Our clients are generally on a 20 hour retainer that reset at different times during a month. We use Harvest now but our reporting is awful since Harvest resets on the 1st of every month but our projects are staggered throughout the month. Trialing EverHour and Toggl but looking for something can be integrated into Asana Desktop App.

Unfortunately, you cannot integrate 3d party apps into Asana Desktop app. It is technically not possible.

We currently have Harvest integrated.

This is because Harvest integration is made by Asana. But third-party developers cannot do it.

It is starting to be possible thanks to AppComponents, a new feature by Asana.

@Mike_Kulakov, Yeah @Bastien_Siebman’s right. AppComponents make it possible. Though, if you folks at Everhour went this route, I’d definitely still use the Chrome Extension though—way more functional than a modal.

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I see " * Mobile read-only" - when will this be fully available on Mobile?

We have been following AppComponents for a very long time, talked to Asana team, sent them our ideas and nuances. We keep thinking on how to use this to give extra benefit to our users, but the functionality is extremely limited.

Hello, when will the export of the time recording be possible. Is this only possible via API or is also a csv / excel export planned?

Welcome, @Chris_GG,

CSV export of time tracking info was announced already here:


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your link regarding “subtask rollups” doesnt point out anything regarding this.

@Christian_Goebel, If you’re replying about my link, it contains:

which is germane to:


I really need the estimated and actual time fields to be searchable via the advanced search. How can a core field like this not be included?

In the past I had a custom integer column to estimate the number of minutes a task would take, and a recurring task to use an advanced search to locate any orphaned tasks that didn’t have a time estimate in place. I want to completely migrate to the new estimated time field (because the hour/minutes break down is much better than having to calculate the hours by dividing the total of number of minutes in my head by 60). In order to migrate, I need to be able to stills search across all projects for tasks that are incomplete and don’t have an estimated time in place.

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@Team_MVP_Management +1

Does anyone know if there will be an integration with TSheets with Quickbooks (Desktop Pro)? Hoping to find a solution to integrate Asana with Quickbooks so staff doesn’t have to track things twice (Asana and timesheet). Thanks

Some of our clients (Digital Agency’s) would like to have the possibility to add more information at each time stamp so they can export it and give a reporting towards their client.
@Marie Is there any chance this is coming into Asana or do they have to work with a 3rd party tool like Everhour?
If anyone knows something else to get this done, please let us know :slight_smile:

Yet another mobile write support update request. When is this slated for?