New! Introducing a membership system for My Tasks

@Marie Please explain what removing this filter has to do with making My Tasks private?

My clients have used this Today/Upcoming/Later filter as a workaround for the deficiency of the current “Advanced Search Option” (not having the AND/OR)

Plus this breaks the trust (in Asana and me), if I will come up with a new workaround who is to say that Asana might not remove it next month??? At least make it as an optional setting…

Hi @Leiby_Markowitz,

The “Today/Upcoming/Later” sections aren’t necessarily related to due dates but they give visibility on how someone has organised their work in My Tasks. We’re looking to make My Tasks feel like a personal space; to this extent, we’re limiting visibility on how folks have organised their work.

With that said, we’re currently looking into how we can improve our search feature and Update Advanced Search - AND / OR Functionality is definitely something we will explore.

While we don’t have plans to make this an option at the moment, I’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback with our Product Team so it can be considered for future updates, and I’ll be sure to follow-up in the Forum as soon as I have an update on this topic!

What is the difference between this new feature and running an advanced report to show all of the tasks assigned to a user?

Hi @Hannah_Harrison1, the difference is that with an Advanced Search, you won’t be able to see how the user has organised their tasks in My Tasks. For example, they may have decided to work on a task due tomorrow, today. In the Advanced search, this task will show as due tomorrow, while in the assignee My Tasks it will be located in the “Today” section (with a due date for tomorrow). The important thing to remember is that the prioritisation in My Tasks can be different from due dates, if you have some bandwidth, you may decide to work today on something that is due later!

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Hannah_Harrison1,

Also, on top of everything @Marie said, remember that in the new feature, you have the ability to make your own organization (sections, sorting) of another user’s My Tasks, which will show only for you, and which structure won’t show in Advanced Search.

I think this is a pretty cool feature because it lets you do your own organization/tracking of another user’s tasks in a way that you want to think of them, while still allowing the user to have ultimate dominion over how they organize their own work.


Is there a way for members to share their lists instead? So people won’t need to manually request that?

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Hi @Carmella_Operations and welcome to the forum!

Yep! There’s a “Share” button in the upper right portion of your My Tasks view that lets you do that.

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