"Sort By" Task Options of Incomplete Tasks No Longer Showing "None"

I used to be able to select “None” option as an admin of OTHER people’s tasks as a project manger, to reorganize tasks. I can no longer select “None” for other team members, only myself, starting on October 14, 2020 for the first time.

I don’t replicate that issue. I still can sort by None for others when viewing their tasks, which I do by entering their name into the search box. Chrome browser.

@Natalia @Marie Any changes pushed recently that might cause this?

We also use Slack with Asana. Today, I uninstalled Asana (legacy) app integration with Slack and installed Asana (current) app integration today. My problem may have started happening after that, but I’m not 100% sure.

@Stephanie_Oberg, Maybe it’s related to this which is being rolled out now?:


I suspect you are correct, Larry.

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This definitely seems related. It appears odd that even an admin would have to request this access from their team members though? I’ll try what they suggest in the mean time with one of my employees to see if their new way of doing it fixes it for us.

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Hi all!

I investigated this further and if you don’t have access to manage another user My Tasks, you will only be able to filter by Due Date or Project. Once the user grants you access to manage their My Tasks, you will be able to have all the filter options including None.

Please note you can change the sort order of another user’s My Tasks for yourself (sorting another user’s My Tasks will not impact the order of the owner’s My Tasks).

I hope this helps to clarify!


That did it!