Unable to sort by None in My Tasks

Hello- the ‘SECTIONS’ tab is greyed out in my employees pages and everything is now completely unsorted. I do not have the option to ‘REMOVE SORT’ in these team member pages only.

As an admin, I still have sections and can put the sort settings to NONE, but for the other members in my teams, this option has vanished.

This is for desktop. It’s also completely non-existant now on mobile. Sorting by SECTION seems to come and go and I’m not sure why. Where did the SECTIONS go and how can I turn them back on if I don’t have a NONE option to remove sort?

Hi @Hannah_Stouffer. thanks for reaching out!

We have recently announced an update for My Tasks section: New! Introducing a membership system for My Tasks and for this reason you notice some changes when trying to access your colleagues My Tasks.

You can find the solution to this here:

I hope this helps!

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