"None" option no longer available in "Sort" field

The option to sort by “None” appears to be gone in the “My Tasks” window. I only have the option to select a sort from “Start Date,” " Created On," “Modified On,” “Alphabetical,” and “Likes.” I don’t want to use any of these Sorts; I want to arrange tasks the way I want to view them.


Does this resolve your issue?



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how do I get the "Group by menu on my asana My Tasks?

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“My Tasks” does not have the same filtering options as projects at the moment.

I recommend upvoting here:

And maybe also

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I have this option but my other team members don’t

I do have that option, and your solution worked!
I would never have figure that out, since “Group By” was set to “None,” and would never have thought to change it.

Thanks so much!

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