Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox


I am really struggling here…

The 7 member team list is very hard to work with in our organization.

And now the complete button is basically in the same spot where the “assigned to” used to be. Our team keeps marking things as complete rather than reassigning…

Very frustrating!


Is there a way to undo or disable this new interface?

As already mentioned, the lack of access to My tasks and the Inbox is starting to slow down day-to-day operations, degrading the user experience.

As a very active user, I’m slowly getting frustrated with all the inconsiderate user interface changes. This is not only bad product design but also bad product management. One simply does not roll out such major changes to all users in production without doing exhaustive user testing first. A bare minimum of testing would have clearly shown that some of the changes are degrading the experience. Sorry to be blunt.


Hi @Joost @Alice4 @Peyton @Vince_Mustachio and @Sunny! You should be able to use the shortcuts below to quickly access your “My Tasks” and “Inbox” without having to open your sidebar:

“Tab + Z” ==> navigate to My Tasks
“Tab + I” ==> navigate to Inbox

Keyboard shortcuts in the new Asana's interface
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Is there a way to use keyword shortcuts in the new Asana’s front-end? I think it is cool, but I usually jump between “My tasks” and “Inbox”, and as my screen is pretty small I prefer to have the sidebar hidden. With the previous version it was easy: I just needed to click on the links in the header of the page, but now it seems not possible :slight_smile:

Great job, the new front works very fast, but… I really need to jump easier to “My tasks” and the “Inbox”. It would be nice to be able to use shortcuts :slight_smile:.



Hi @alfonsomoure! Here is the answer to your question: Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox

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Please bring back again a one-click way to get to the Inbox even if sidebar is collapsed.
We had that before the update and I do work in general with sidebar collapsed.


Hi @Martin_Wildam! You should find this helpful: Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox

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Thanks - sorry, although I searched the forum before typing I could not find this.
Although the hotkeys are an option for me, for other casual Asana users they are not. Also those who are not daily users should have an easy play.


@Marie thanks for the early notice. The shortcuts work great, address the bulk of the concerns created by the change, add a good feature that would have been useful even without the design changes, and are even in the shortcut list now.

Thanks Asana for listening and helping.

And Tab + Z is likely to become the shortcut I use the most from now on. (Sorry Tab + B)


^^ This!! ^^
The mouse has been a nightmare to Data-Entry operators’ workflow since Xerox invented it.

Shortcuts (smart ones, as in “sensible, logical and easy to remember”, not just random keys), please!


I totaly agree. In the menu I have about 10 favorites, 20 reports and more than 100 teams. And now My tasks, Inbox and Dashboard have to go also to the menu. That’s just to crowded! It means more scrolling.

What I am wondering: what was wrong with the place they were? My tasks, Inbox and Dashboard are very important and our team use them a lot! Probably 25 times a day or more! So the place in the main bar makes perfectly sense.

As @Sunny said, there are some UI changes now (like this one) which are counter productive and takes more space. It looks like Asana has a brand new development department that wants to ruin the perfect sensible User Interface of the past. I don’t understand why this is happening.


@Kevin_Neumann, you are referring to the UI changes made in the tasks field. Here you can find a topic about these changes.


Another thing: were did de name of the workspace go? I can’t find it anymore…
It is pretty important to know in what workspace you are working!


Thanks, Marie. Somehow, I had not known about the TabZ shortcut. Very helpful.


I’m new to Asana (big fan so far), but the Tab+Z and Tab+I keyboard shortcuts have already become indispensable. However, when I Tab+Z, I have no way to access my task list through the keyboard (requires a click on a task first). Am I missing something? The keyboard/mouse jumping is a super frustrating UX. I would assume that Tab+Z would open My Tasks and automatically put focus on the task list, so I could up/down arrow through them…


You’re completely right @ckelemen, as it stands, the “Ctrl+Z” shortcut will automatically open your “My Tasks”, but it doesn’t focus on the task list; sounds like a great opportunity to create a separate post in the #productfeedback category!


Not a fan of having the Inbox in the sidebar. I keep the sidebar closed because I have too much there and want to focus on my tasks. I used to be able to see a yellow dot indicating I had news in my feed to read. Can’t do that anymore… Yet Asana is telling us we are supposed to live in the “inbox”.


In case it’s of value, @Red_Bricks, I had the same concern as you but I had forgotten that Asana also includes a big dot in the browser tab when there’s been an addition to the Inbox. This browser tab dot shows/hides exactly as does the orange dot. So for me, that along with the Tab + Z and Tab + I shortcuts resolve the major issues for me of moving these links to the sidebar.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi Software


I’m actually using Fluid App to hid the browser tab but your point is interesting.

But I still don’t understand why Asana would remove easy access to the dot indicating new activity… Having the dot in the tab is not as easy as looking in the browser window itself— it’s too far away from the “action”.

Seems like a UI flaw rather than enhancement.


Ahhh…so you have no recourse given the Asana change and the Fluid App environment. I sympathize.

As to why Asana did this… Not to put words in Asana’s mouth (so to speak!) but I wonder if a change like this is influenced by the fairly recent movement trying to be more conscious about the effect on a user’s ability to focus of notifications, badges with counts, and the like. I appreciate that, but I think this is a good example of a case where it’s hard to imagine a solution working for everyone. Perhaps a default of the way it is now because that’s Asana’s intent, but addition of a setting for you to change it. This is exactly what I had in mind with my feature request: General request: Be more liberal in offering user settings where helpful, though I’m afraid that only has two votes as of now!