Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox



I haven’t yet received the updates in which overall look good, but wanted to ask if there’s a shortcut key to reach My Tasks and one to reach Inbox quickly, or if there’s a term for each that in the Search box.

I’m concerned that it would be a multi-step/click endeavor to reach My Tasks in particular because I rarely have the sidebar open. I far prefer leaving the sidebar closed and would not want to have to leave it open solely to enable me to get to My Tasks. I imagine others would be interested in the same quick access to Inbox and Dashboard too.



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Also…where will the orange indicator of new Inbox notifications be found? If it will be in the collapsed sidebar, that will be an issue for many of us.





I’ve been updated to the new navigation and hoping for a way to get from some project to My Tasks in under 3 mouse clicks. Is there a way?

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Hey we just got the new navigation, and it’s 1000x better. Well done!


New Navigation is Awesome and So Much cleaner.

Can this be applied to Workspaces as well…??

Asana keep up the great work its so easy to use this syste,=m…


I just got transferred to the new UI yesterday afternoon. For the most part I like it.

But I agree with @lpb, that a couple of points are missing.

In addition, it seems counter to Asana’s philosophy and goals to want people to work more within Asana (using My Tasks and Inbox), and then release a design change that seems to encourage you to hide the only quick links to those very tools.


Just got the update, thanks. I agree with @lpb and @Vince_Mustachio regarding the new location of My Tasks and Inbox in a collapse-able side menu. These are two of the most important and most frequent stops in my Asana workday. More broadly, in my view, they are integral to two of Asana’s main functions - ownership and accountability for work (i.e. Tasks) and contextualized interactions about work (updates, assignments, task comments, conversations, etc. - i.e. Inbox/notifications).

I have typically kept the left side menu collapsed to provide more real estate for what I’m working on currently. But with this change it seems I have to either keep it open or open it just to get to My Tasks and see if there are Inbox updates?

That seems like an extra step and contrary to the mission of creating less work about work! Please reconsider or provide other ways to access these core functions. Thank you.


Same here. I’d really like to have:

  • 1 shortcut for my tasks
  • 1 shortcut for my inbox

Not to click to extend the side panel and then click once more.

I now miss the orange dot/indicator on both my tasks AND inbox to indicate I have something new…

for me this Beta is less functionality and more clicks. not the way to go IMO


Your new sidebar theme is terrible! I hate the new look and feel, and the sidebar on the left has proven to be problematic. Our team is larger than just 7 slots that you give us to show our team. There isn’t a way to see the rest of the team in the event that I need to access their task lists. If nothing else, that needs to be fixed. All in all, this was not a good update!


Regarding the recent changes to the UI:

For me, the My Tasks list is home base. I return to it many times during the day, but I do not always have the sidebar open. Often, I have Asana running in a separate browser window on one side of my screen as a sidebar that I use to keep my work on track, so I preferred being able to reach it without opening the sidebar.

We also seem to have lost the team calendar function. I see how to view project calendars and a My Tasks calendar, but I do not see a way to get a team calendar except with a workaround (create a search for tasks in a team, save search, use calendar view).


Hi @Peyton!Just moving your post to “Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox” to gather all feedbacks on one thread! :slight_smile:


I logged into Asana and wondered for a moment what was missing—clutter! I’m with @Chris_Ball1. I find the new layout simpler and much cleaner. I really like it.

  • Navigating to My Tasks etc. on the left makes sense to me, since that is where I go for everything else.
  • Left justified project titles seem easier to read, especially when I have the window fairly wide. Somehow, I never noticed before today that I could do this in the previous layout by collapsing the title bar.
  • The project highlight colors provide a degree of separation from other items in the left nav. Turns projects into a bullet list, which works well for me.

I usually keep the sidebar open, so I have not noticed additional clicks to get to My Tasks. Several people have suggested adding shortcuts to My Tasks and Inbox. Another one to consider would be to expand/collapse the sidebar. Confluence uses [ as a shortcut for this, which works great for me.


Like the idea of a shortcut to open and close the sidebar.


The sidebar is collapsed and very rarely needed in our work, too, as it is not helpful if you have more than 100 projects. To jump to a different project, we use the search instead.

We need to access My tasks and the Inbox many times every day.

The links to those two pages and the inbox notification icon should be restored in the primary navigation bar, please.


What do others think of the beta release for UI changes to sidebar, header, and teams?

I don’t mind it in general but much preferred having ‘My Tasks’ ‘Inbox’ and ‘Dashboard’ on the header. Now it adds extra info to an already full sidebar.

Also if you’re working with the sidebar closed, it’s annoying having to reopen it to switch between My Tasks and Inbox. They were much easier to access on the header.

Apart from that it’s ok. Kudos to Asana for communicating these changes better than the recent task UI change.


I 100% agree that having to open a closed side bar to access ‘My Tasks’ is a step backwards.

While I don’t find the sidebar full (or rather feel I am myself to blame for how “full” it is), I do like it closed and out of the way. But I return to ‘My Tasks’ quite often throughout the day and two clicks is far worse than 1. In fact 1 click was already problematic: it means taking your hands off the keyboard.

Better than moving ‘My Tasks’ and ‘Inbox’ back to the header would just be keyboard shortcuts to these.

In general, I feel I have to go for the mouse way too often with Asana. It’s not only annoying, but I feel a bit like it’s a betrayal: speed and keyboard-focus seemed like high priorities back at the beginning.


Yes, now you mention it keyboard shortcuts would actually be better. I noticed someone else just requested this too: Keyboard shortcuts in the new Asana's interface so we can vote there…


I just logged in after not being in for a week or so and noticed the changes to the sidebar. For some reason, when it is “maximized” it is now narrower, so that project names get cut off. I wish there was a way to just drag it to make it wider, but there doesn’t seem to be. It’s possible, of course, I am missing something completely obvious! Anyway, this user would appreciate a way to change the sidebar width. Thanks!


Hi guys! Just moving this thread to Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox to centralise feedback and avoid having some duplicates!


I love the new side bar layout. Much clearer and easy on the eyes. I would agree though that for those that collapse the side bar not having quick access to my tasks/ inbox plus the indication of new inbox items is counter intuititve