Navigation Updates and quick access to My Tasks and Inbox


three votes now :slight_smile:


This navigation change breaks the inbox. I recently discovered over a week of hidden notifications on the sidebar. This drastically interferes with my ability to use Asana for my job. PLEASE restore inbox notifications to the main screen ASAP.

While I think moving Asana’s two most important features – My Tasks and Inbox – to the sidebar was a mistake, I can deal with the minor inconvenience of one extra click to reach them. However not showing inbox notifications at all goes way beyond “inconvenient”– it is absolutely, flat out broken, and never should have passed QA. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Thank you.


Please stop hiding the most frequently used aspects of Asana.

For those of us who like the left-hand navigation closed, it’s a pain to have to open it to get to some of the most used links in all of Asana.

My Tasks, Inbox, and Dashboard should be easily accessible even when the left nav is closed.

Please consider putting them back in the Top Navigation.


Hi @Vaughan_Moore and thanks for sharing your feedback! We already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post within the main thread to consolidate feedback. I would suggest to add your vote to the main thread and to take a look at this specific post, it might be a good workaround for you! :slight_smile:


i totally agree here. I have more than 7 members of the team and need to be able to view all of them at once


I like the ability to collapse the sidebar in the web version of Asana. That being said, I feel Home, My Tasks and Inbox should all be dedicated links sitting in the top menu bar, regardless if the sidebar is collapsed or expanded. That’s one extra click each time you need to access Home, My Tasks or Inbox, which I have to believe are the most commonly accessed pages, with the individual project links being far less common. Please consider making Home, My Tasks and Inbox dedicated top links.


@The_Saint, I agree with you, and I keep the sidebar closed generally too, but it doesn’t slow me down at all because I get to Home, My Tasks and Inbox with shortcuts: Tab-H, Tab-Z, and Tab-I, respectively. Maybe that helps.