My Tasks - task not sorting by date

In My Tasks, a task with a date 6 weeks out is showing up under TODAY. How do I fix this so that it sorts with the rest of the tasks below? Also, it is possible to create sections for TOMORROW or LATER THIS WEEK?

I can create a section title, but I need the tasks to auto SORT into TOMORROW, etc.

I figured it out the problem with my 1 task not sorting by due date. In the task details, I can assign a task to a MY TASK section. However, the only option for auto sorting is to assign it to RECENTLY ASSIGNED.

Hi @julie13, thanks for reaching out! You will need to create Rules to have tasks be sorted into specific Sections. You can take a look at this Help Guide article for some further instruction:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I read about the new feature for my tasks. Why is it not available?

Hi @julie13, could you please clarify what you mean when you ask why it’s not available? Are Rules not available to you yet in My Tasks?

If not, this means your account has not yet been migrated to this new version. You can keep and eye on updates here: Meet your new My Tasks

I hope this helps!

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