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I recently joined the free version of Asana. I’ve been playing around and I’ve run into troubles with the My Tasks sections. Others have commented on this, but I’m still not getting the answers I need. There’s a section in “My Tasks” called “No Due Date”. I didn’t create this section and I can’t delete this section. I tried to add a new section to “My Tasks” and Asana immediately put that under “No Due Date”. I literally just created this section and now Asana is saying I can’t delete that section. And unlike all the tutorials, I don’t have a “Recently Assigned” section. All my recently assigned tasks are just “free floating.” Any advice as to why “My Tasks” isn’t working for me?

Hi @Miranda_James!
Try changing the Sort from Due Date to None and see if that gives you a better view.

Oh that’s getting me somewhere! I was having some other problems with the rules but maybe now they’ll work. Thanks Jill! Will respond if I come into more troubles lol

I confirm that the solution comes from sorting, as @Jill_Huntsberger suggested :+1:
The section “no due date” is created by itself because by sorting by date, the tasks without date cannot be classified and they are thus in this section (which will disappear if all the tasks have dates).


You can find more info here: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

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