Asana Default "My Task" section can not be modify

Hello, I have been an Asana user since 2020, but I changed jobs last year and the new account that was set up for me had this issue

On my personal “My Tasks” section there was a default section labeled “No Due Date”. Every section I try to add goes under that section, and once it’s created I cannot delete it, and if I try to change tasks to those sections, that are under “No due Date”, the due date in those tasks gets deleted.

List of problems:

  • I can not delete the default section,
  • I can not add new sections (only subsections)
  • Once a subsection is created I can not delete it
  • If I use the section my due dates are erased

I need to be able to use the sections under my tasks to organize my work. This is really important to me, I would appreciate it if I could get support from people who have experienced this issue or someone who knows how to fix it.

Welcome, @Laura_Carol_Castaned,

In the top right of your My Tasks view, change the Sort from Due date to None; that will resolve all your issues.

(If you happen to be part of an A/B test now running, change Group by to Custom sections.)


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Honestly, the solution was so simple, I feel silly now :sweat_smile: thank you so much for the help!

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Great! No need to feel silly; I was only able to answer because many others have run into this before.

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